How close are you to your purpose, how close are you to realizing your dreams…?

My dear readers and those who have so far followed my journey the past 2 years from writing my first blog post to discovering just how much I love sharing my heart’s desire, which is, positive enrichment words in the form of pearls of wisdom on my blog Pearls Of Our Lives. It has been an enriching experience going from shy writer, to insecure sharer and then in the last year, taking the bull by the horns to burst out and say, this is what I feel in my heart, hear me out and let me fly.


It is my joy to share my baby steps and big leaps in this journey with you. I despise not the days of small beginnings and I give thanks for the journey’s continuation. Now, this is no small step for me, to be invited to now be a major feature contributor on The Immigrant Magazine TV – Voice of Immigrants in America.

 “The Immigrant Magazine, Inc. is a multi-media corporation that specializes in the development and distribution of media that focuses on the United States growing and ever-changing ethnic population. As the voice of the American immigrant we provide this audience with publications that will enhance their experience in America and forums to address their unique concerns and interests.” timtvhollywood


I am pleased and excited, very honored in fact to join my work and words to the amazing Pamela Anchang, seen above, and her endeavor through my Positive Enrichment pearls of wisdom as well as my socioeconomically conscious articles featuring news from around the world and much more!

Look out for more collaboration and new ventures from me, The Immigrant Magazine Inc multi-media platform as I will be exploring other media ventures.

This means for your own dreams, do not relent, do not stop, if you think it is for you, grab hold of it and run till you get there. You will get tired along the way, you will doubt, you will worry but don’t you ever stop chasing your dreams, for slowly sometimes, but surely they come to pass. Join me in celebrating this milestone, which is the beginning of bigger dreams come true. Please enjoy some of the diversity of work and cultures that The Immigrant Magazine Hollywood has been up to in the last 10 years, from the Miss Asia Universe, to the Polish Film festival, interviews and many more exciting ventures. Join us! Enjoy the pics

Pamela Anchang of The Immigrant Magazine

Stay tuned for this powerful collaboration, between the power of African Women, making a difference in the USA and the diaspora.


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Today in the United States of America, it is Thanksgiving day. All around, turkey has been cooked in all its forms and variations, cranberry sauce, sweet corn, candied yams, green-beans casserole spread out, some corn bread if you are from the south, sweet potato pies and all kinds of stuff. If you are me, you are wishing for the taste of fried turkey, but hey, Thanksgiving is not a tradition I grew up on, I have adopted it in this adopted nation of mine, and I love the idea of giving thanks.

I am in favor of every opportunity to give thanks, to be thankful. It helps dispel or create a distance between the things we don’t have or wish we could change, and a reason to be grateful for what we do have.




Today I am grateful and thankful for LIFE. My life, is a gift: to me, my family, and my community of colleagues and friends.

I am grateful for God in my life, I believe that the things I have been through would have killed me, my soul, and my spirit, had I not had the knowledge of Him, and the relationship which through faith, I continue to believe and thrive, that He watches over me, and protects me.

I am grateful for the family I have been given. My husband, my children, my parents, and my siblings. These are true riches, and I am not unaware just how truly blessed and privileged I am to know and count each and every one alive. I do not take it for granted, for we are here today and gone tomorrow, so for today I am grateful to still have all alive. I am grateful for my extended family, cousins, and may I say I have the best in-laws in the world. For the year 2014 I know that I could not have auditioned a better pick for the most beautiful souls to adopt me as their child and sibling.


I thank God for my friends, my true friends who have dual titles as both blood relatives and non-blood relationships. Some of them friends from long, never forgotten and some I communicate daily. They are my heart friends, they know who they are for they are reading this blog now as they keep up with me no matter where they are or out of touch. Thank you for thinking of me, and praying for me.

As far as life worth living goes, I don’t have the best life, neither do I have the worst life. We have all been through stuff we think we won’t wish on someone else, and we have also been blessed with incredible favor when it comes to other things. Life is the balance. I am grateful for the balance, the middle ground. I can neither boast of an enviable life, neither can I criticize the one I have. It is my perfect balance. This Thanksgiving, I wish you the best, think of your perfect balance, be grateful for the middle ground.





It is happening here in Houston TEXAS, Saturday October 25th, the mega workshop Empowering Minds, have you registered yet? Speakers from around the country, expert Child Educator Dr Nicoline Ambe, millionaire entrepreneur Darius Allen, Dr Anita Sendze, and many others, all gathered from 9-2:30 just to empower your mind. We will have 3 halls and content for Adults, kids 5-10 years old, and 11- high school. Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to change your world and the world of our youth.

Empowering Minds Series 1 flyer

We have such amazing sponsors including some of our speakers, who are donating this opportunity to a select few who want to come but are unable to meet the financial commitment of $20/person. Contact one of the organizers or myself for your free tickets. Be the first to claim your sponsored tickets today. Educate yourself, educated your community. Planning to be at a party? how about you start the party empowering yourself?





What have you planned for your family lately? On October 25th 2014, join me and more power house Speakers including but not limited to Dr Nicoline Ambe – our Keynote Speaker and Child Education specialist, Mr Darius Allen – millionaire/entrepreneur, Dr Dubi Sendze and other surprises, as we bring you a holistic approach to raising high achievers! Our children matter, the brothers, nieces, cousins in our care deserve the best. Bring them and yourselves for a few hours only, and empower your minds

Empowering Minds Series 1 flyer REGISTER NOW ONLINE

Again, need I say more? Your child from the time they are born to university bound, needs all the help to deal with school, high performance in education, strategies for staying focused, direct help and counseling, dealing with peer pressure, bullying, self-esteem issues, training on making good decisions, planning for future careers. We will have a special guest speaker, young adult, sharing his real life experience on the perils of following the wrong crowd and how to bounce back. There is something for parents and children from 5 years old to high school. Come, take advantage, only $20 per person for a valuable experience worth more than that! Bring everyone, space limited. Register today!!!



MAH MEKOLLE- (Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Poet, Writer)


It was a great honor for me when Pauline’s Publications Africa, Beauty Within Magazine, invited me to write an article for their publication, a short article of myself which can inspire young girls to aspire for their dreams. I humbly accepted to write a few words, for encouraging and motivating people is at the core of what I do. Young girls especially are my heart, and I am grateful for this collaboration.



The spirit and the heart of a young girl is very precious and should be nurtured, encouraged and protected by all means from the negative spirit-breaking rhetoric in the world. Our children matter, our girls one day give birth to the next generation, they hold the future and must be cherished.

Beauty Within Magazine aims at fostering the proper empowerment of our young ones, God our Father in Heaven looks after the little ones, we in our own way, should spread the message of love and concern for them




Young girls pay attention to my heart message for you. You are worthy, you are loved, you are enough as you are, you deserve the best from life. God loves you dearly so love yourself totally!

Please check out more on and support their efforts





It’s not every day I get to wish someone a very happy birthday. My baby sister Bih Asobo is one of those few people in the world that I adore, and her birthday is just a few days after mine, my September sister. I caught up with her yesterday, right before she took off for work, to answer 10 questions. Enjoy our interview:

1. How do you feel ushering a new birthday?

BIH: ” Actually I feel younger, more vibrant, wiser, ambitious and ready to take on the world!”

2. How has 2014 been so far?

BIH: ” Somehow challenging and an eye-opener professionally, physically, mentally, socially and spiritually, – and I came out victorious and grew up a lot!

3: What are your core values?

BIH: “They stem from my relationship with God, family and friendship. So, love, trust, unity and peace

4. Are you married, single or dating? (please answer lol)

BIH: “hahaha MaMah! can I skip this one? Ok, i’m single! haha

image  image

5. Your favorite destination and future travel plans

BIH: “Paris!, best city so far. Will be going to Mauritius on vacation soon I hope


6: What are you grateful for?

BIH: ” My life, health, my job, family and friendships. Most of all, for God in my life”

7. What’s your personal style?

BIH: ” Eclectic, I love “bling” details on clothes, outfits that flatter my curves, I just love looking good big sis haha”


8: Who do you look up to and which great people do you admire?

BIH: ” I look up to God, He guides my life in all things. I admire Martin Luther King, Oprah and President Obama. My family is amazing, they love me unconditionally and are always there for me. I must mention too that I look up to Dr Shawn and Dr Annie Smith whose love and guidance in my life have been priceless

9. Apart from your job in the airline industry, what are some interests of yours that you might do one day?

BIH: ” You know I can see myself in make-up artistry, fashion stylist, and event planner.

10. What will this new year be like, your plans?

BIH: ” I’ll work towards achieving my dreams and interests in #9, changing my status in #4 haha, and just grow more and hopefully make a difference somewhere in the world!

Thank you for taking the time out to share with your Pearls Of Our Lives family. May God bless you, safe skies, and journey mercies every time you set foot on the plane. You are one in a million, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!






Birthdays don’t come every day, although in one way or another, we are reborn every day. Today I looked around me and thought to myself how blessed and privileged I was to see another year roll in.

I am grateful for my life, my good health and my ability to function comparatively sanely in a mad world and yet a beautiful world. I am grateful for my parents, my husband, my children, siblings and my extended family and friends. I am grateful for my jobs, my passions and my ability to practice my art and craft.

2013-05-27 12.32.45

I am not ashamed to acknowledge that I am a Christian and that I love the Lord God Almighty. I believe in God the Father, the creator of Heaven and earth, His Son Jesus Christ my Savior who died on the cross for my sins, that I may have life and live it to the full. If that makes me uncool or strange, that is alright. For those who believe the same, I am honored to worship with you where and when I can.

Among all the many lessons I have learned, I recently learned again the value of protecting my portals: my eyes, ears and mouth especially. I continue to submit my will and life to God to protect my family and I, as I grow in faith, love and family every day












I have known her for about 3 decades, lived in the same neighborhoods, slept in the same dorm in Our Lady of Lourdes secondary school and on the holidays, enjoyed Bamenda, Cameroon while dreaming! Yes, i’m talking about the one, the only, the brain behind the fabulous go-to medium for all things Africa, Miss Ngum Ngafor, Editor of AFRICALLY SPEAKING!

Ngum comes from a family line of entrepreneurs, her late father was an innovator, a pioneer who in Ngum’s own words, was the first person to introduce comprehensive education to Cameroon, first exporter of medicinal plants, and to venture into private higher education. Now you see her fascination with innovation. Watching her older sister Anrette Ngafor, designer of Liiber London has also been a great source of inspiration. I caught up with Ngum for teasers of Africally speaking

Africally speaking 1AS2








My dear readers, keep your eyes and ears trained on Africally Speaking (AS) for up to date news on all things Africa. I am so proud of my friend and fellow Cameroonian woman, doing big things.



























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