Birthdays don’t come every day, although in one way or another, we are reborn every day. Today I looked around me and thought to myself how blessed and privileged I was to see another year roll in.

I am grateful for my life, my good health and my ability to function comparatively sanely in a mad world and yet a beautiful world. I am grateful for my parents, my husband, my children, siblings and my extended family and friends. I am grateful for my jobs, my passions and my ability to practice my art and craft.

2013-05-27 12.32.45

I am not ashamed to acknowledge that I am a Christian and that I love the Lord God Almighty. I believe in God the Father, the creator of Heaven and earth, His Son Jesus Christ my Savior who died on the cross for my sins, that I may have life and live it to the full. If that makes me uncool or strange, that is alright. For those who believe the same, I am honored to worship with you where and when I can.

Among all the many lessons I have learned, I recently learned again the value of protecting my portals: my eyes, ears and mouth especially. I continue to submit my will and life to God to protect my family and I, as I grow in faith, love and family every day




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