It’s not every day I get to wish someone a very happy birthday. My baby sister Bih Asobo is one of those few people in the world that I adore, and her birthday is just a few days after mine, my September sister. I caught up with her yesterday, right before she took off for work, to answer 10 questions. Enjoy our interview:

1. How do you feel ushering a new birthday?

BIH: ” Actually I feel younger, more vibrant, wiser, ambitious and ready to take on the world!”

2. How has 2014 been so far?

BIH: ” Somehow challenging and an eye-opener professionally, physically, mentally, socially and spiritually, – and I came out victorious and grew up a lot!

3: What are your core values?

BIH: “They stem from my relationship with God, family and friendship. So, love, trust, unity and peace

4. Are you married, single or dating? (please answer lol)

BIH: “hahaha MaMah! can I skip this one? Ok, i’m single! haha

image  image

5. Your favorite destination and future travel plans

BIH: “Paris!, best city so far. Will be going to Mauritius on vacation soon I hope


6: What are you grateful for?

BIH: ” My life, health, my job, family and friendships. Most of all, for God in my life”

7. What’s your personal style?

BIH: ” Eclectic, I love “bling” details on clothes, outfits that flatter my curves, I just love looking good big sis haha”


8: Who do you look up to and which great people do you admire?

BIH: ” I look up to God, He guides my life in all things. I admire Martin Luther King, Oprah and President Obama. My family is amazing, they love me unconditionally and are always there for me. I must mention too that I look up to Dr Shawn and Dr Annie Smith whose love and guidance in my life have been priceless

9. Apart from your job in the airline industry, what are some interests of yours that you might do one day?

BIH: ” You know I can see myself in make-up artistry, fashion stylist, and event planner.

10. What will this new year be like, your plans?

BIH: ” I’ll work towards achieving my dreams and interests in #9, changing my status in #4 haha, and just grow more and hopefully make a difference somewhere in the world!

Thank you for taking the time out to share with your Pearls Of Our Lives family. May God bless you, safe skies, and journey mercies every time you set foot on the plane. You are one in a million, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



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