I got nominated for “Gratitude Challenge” by my friend Ngum Ngafor and I thought what an absolutely great idea. Well the challenge is to every day find something we are grateful for and share it. As I thought about it, I realized I am grateful for a lot today, and also for a lot in my past, so I will pay respect to the past and present all in one article


I am grateful for God in my life, my husband and 2 kids and for the means we have to take care of our family. I am grateful for my parents, my siblings who have known me my whole life and who encourage and support me in all that I do, as well as wipe my tears when I cry.


I am grateful for anyone I have called my FRIEND at any given stage of my life, starting from elementary school years to my adulthood. Some of them lasted a season, some lasted years and almost a handful still in my life.  The laughter, the joys, shared anguish, adventure, love and solidarity. In no particular order, & from random years, these friends shaped my life, our experiences taught & shaped parts of me. Some in little ways that still meant the world, and others in major ways that I can never forget. No matter how, when, & in what circumstances our paths might have separated, now as an adult woman, I am grateful for our moments. In no particular order, & from birth to now, a few mentions: Mafor Fobanjong, Woyen N, Fotoh O, Czarina Saba, Judd David (ma brotha), Stella VNNNF, Edwin C, Beatrice Iguem, just to name a handful



Where I come from, they say it takes a village, literally. So I am grateful for all my community parents & notable individuals whose presence at some point in my life, made a statement of love, care, protection & guardianship. It was in the ever-present genuine tight hugs, the nurturing much-deserved scolding, a place to stay, shoulder to cry on, uplifting words, protection, simple things that to the naked eye may mean nothing, but for a child, a girl, young adult, meant the world in that moment. I hate to list and forget some, but in no particular order, here are a few VIPs:

Thank you Aunty Mary Fobanjong, Big Mammy Anna, Joan Mejang Ndikum (I love you) , Late Aunty Mary Navti, Bambot Nwana (heart of gold), Ni Langmia Kehbuma, Shiyghan Navti (class act), Aunty Kate Bang, Dr/Pastor Derrol Dawkins & Pastor Patricia Dawkins (Momma & Pops)


I’m grateful for my health, my car in working condition, my passions, my writings, my music, love and compassion I am still able to feel. I’m grateful for all my mistakes, my failings, short-comings, imperfections, my heart of gold, my soft side, my life.



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  1. Reblogged this on MY ANGEL HEART and commented:
    Remembering my post on gratitude, take a moment to think of all the things you are thankful for, it is sure to change your perspective of your current problems 🙂

  2. Thank you Mah. You are a blessing to my life.. and I’m happy to support you all the way! Looking forward to seeing you soon! Love ya!

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