I know that we are called to love, for there is only one true word, LOVE, that dares to cover a multitude of states, feelings, dispositions and principles that humans strive to acquire, express and or maintain.

For me, love is the ultimate summary of our purpose for living. It is the kick-starter for our growth and development, the fuel to endure all things we experience on earth, the reason we keep on striving to live and not just exist. Love is the cocoon that wraps us and shields us from extreme life weather, the substance that holds us together and links us to humanity as a whole. Love is the potion that elevates our senses, feelings, and experiences. Love is our ultimate destination as we exit this world in death.

To exist and live in love, we have to be purposeful, for it requires that we tend to it like a delicate seed in the garden of life, which if nurtured and protected, will flourish into a myriad of blessings. From the moment a newborn baby searches blindly for his mother’s bosom to the hug of a friend, the hand of a stranger that reaches out to break our fall, the extra helping of food by the caterer, the sweet embrace of romance, to the rescuing of refugees in a foreign land, and so many other examples.


However, like with all things that we do not pay attention to or that we take for granted will always be there, if we fail to nurture love, then the consequences are devastating. Brother kills his brother in anger, wars, envy, jealousy, hate, greed, malicious and unwarranted criticisms and judgement, vile gossiping, we withhold information that can help our fellow sister or neighbor, lack of empathy, enmity, cheating, violating the trust placed in us, stealing. We fail to warn someone in danger, turn a blind eye, fail to discipline our kids, we scheme and plot to seize what isn’t ours and we destroy what we want but can’t have instead of letting someone else enjoy it. Anorexia, depression, cutting.


If we look in the mirror, we will see that love starts with us, self-love, that comes from God and flows to others therefore being available to make small and great impact in the world. If we don’t first believe we are love, worthy of love and perfectly worthy of our existence, then we find that we start looking for love in the wrong places. We trap ourselves in a kaleidoscope of changing colors as we self-destruct and then infect our environment and society. Suicides, addictions, criminal minds & intents.

The things we seek and acquire will never satisfy us until we become one with love, the original compound of which we were created in a beautiful world of nature and humanity, designed to accommodate this love. In the absence of love within, we will always yearn and pine after shadows and people, rather than share the innate love that always existed within.




9/20/14 (Images:,,,


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