The dictionary describes fire as “a state, process, or instance of combustion in which fuel or other material is ignited and combined with oxygen, giving off light, heat, and flame.”

I particularly love the properties of light, heat and flame used in this definition. Many of us use fire in idiomatic sentences and phrases to describe our trials and tribulations, our pain, suffering and hardship. There is no doubt that we are referring to the heat property of fire, and the difficulty overcoming.

My pearl of wisdom today centers around the properties of light that fire brings, after our trials, is our light dimmed, or does the difficulty we find ourselves in help illuminate who we are, our brilliance and ability to brighten the space we exist in? Or do we flicker off and eventually there’s darkness, consumed by the fire?



Today I urge someone who like me, might have found themselves in a difficult situation, turn your situation around so instead of being consumed by your particular fire, you can be purified by it and shine even brighter for the world. Every experience especially difficult ones are gifts to grow us and elevate us to a higher level of understanding. Do not let your fire go out without learning something from it that will benefit you and others. Be a light, for your fire cleanses, purifies and molds. What is your learning curve from your current fire?


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