PEARL # 15

PEARL # 15: BE PRODUCTIVE This pearl is dedicated to me and all the other hardworking dreamers, visionaries, movers and shakers in their own world. I had labored for a year on the idea of being a Public Speaker, Life Coach, Mentor, Cultural Commentator. The more I wrote poems and motivational words on this blog... Continue Reading →

  MUSIC THAT TOUCHES THE HEART - LISTEN! My dear readers, If you have not heard about the Bright Light Project then you are snoozing! I posted this on my Facebook page last week and again I have to shine a light on this magnificent collaboration of artists, a socio-cultural message. Enjoy and get familiar... Continue Reading →


Happy Birthday Dear PEARLS OF OUR LIVES Wow, today marks exactly one year since I started my blog PEARLS OF OUR LIVES. What began as a tentative step into exploring the passion that I had for reading, writing and deep thinking, led me to the land of poetry, articles, Food For thought and more. It... Continue Reading →

Dear Diary

The first poem I read when I moved to the USA almost 10 years ago that pulled at me, confused me, because I wanted to know, made me afraid for what if I related to it, grasped me, raw, somehow I knew it meant something to everyone at some point in their lives, oh well,... Continue Reading →


  Yea! It's the new year all over again, 2013, ha! wow. If you are reading this, I guess you made it. So, what promises did you make for yourself this time around? The same old new year's resolutions or none at all. You see, I used to think that not having a new year's... Continue Reading →

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