PEARL # 15


This pearl is dedicated to me and all the other hardworking dreamers, visionaries, movers and shakers in their own world. I had labored for a year on the idea of being a Public Speaker, Life Coach, Mentor, Cultural Commentator. The more I wrote poems and motivational words on this blog Pearls of Our Lives, the more I dreamt of a larger forum. I want to take my message to the masses, reach more people, more personal, chat one on one, look into someone’s eyes.

One of the goals on my vision board last year and this year was to start my Company that will be the birthing place for my creating work. Today I launched my website My Angel Heart which will be the primary point of contact for my Life Coaching/Speaking endeavors. I urge you to visit, learn, leave your commentaries and support me as I reach for my dreams.

My call to you is simple. What is your dream, what are your dreams. What are you doing to reach them. Call me if you need help figuring this out for yourself. Please check me out at

Be Blessed

Mah Mekolle

2 thoughts on “PEARL # 15

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  1. I think well before launching this website, I was already tapping into your resources and making some changes of my own. Finally did the goal board. It’s amazing how much one can do once we put it in front of us and actually SEE our dreams. A great help. Thanks.

    1. You are welcome my original client and friend, thank you for trusting all these years for it helped me build the foundation to start this new profession.
      You finally did your Vision Board? Yes! So proud of you. Now you SEE, amen

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