PEARL # 14


It is said that no matter low long the night lasts, the day must come. No matter how long your darkness, there is light at the end of that tunnel. As many times as we have heard variations of this saying, it is still relevant to someone at a given moment. It might not be a message for you right now, but for somebody out there who is holding on to their last penny, their last hope, their last journey, their last friend, their only opportunity, their last coat, their last meal, this is for you. I say it again, be attentive to my words: EVERYTHING is temporary until it expires.

Good things don’t remain the same form, and so too, do challenges change. Sometimes they seem to get worse before improving. Be steadfast through it all. Do not give up that last breath before it is time. It is not over till it is really over, and just when you think it is over, hope again and start believing all over. Do not exhaust your faith

If you are in a relationship that still has value and is salvageable, put down your pride, pick your humility, cover yourself with your spiritual power and armor and fight for it. Fighting does not always mean a physical altercation, or aggressive behaviors to hold on too tightly. Sometimes we fight by our very silence and steadfastness, we fight with prayer while the world looks on our silence in wonder, we fight with a positive outlook on life no matter the odds. We fight adversity by being hardworking and achieving.

When life knocks you down, you get back up, dust yourself and fight to live, you have earned the breath you breathe, now fight for it! Awaken your endurance


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