It is of utmost importance that we protect and preserve our mind. One of the ways is by ensuring our peace. We often misunderstand peace to mean the absence of stressful factors or the abject presence of nothingness. I have come to interpret peace to mean a calm and quiet understanding and acceptance of our circumstances in life , coupled with our ability to manage life’s decisions.

There are many tools needed to achieve peace, I will mention a few. If you have issues with a person you can actively reach out & resolve the issue thereby making a peaceful resolution. Sometimes there is no resolution but you still gain peace by the fact that you attempted a solution. In the case where it is not possible to reach out, say they passed away or moved, you can still assure your peace by letting go.

Peace in the storm. I love this one very much. In life we can’t live without storms, so does that mean peace is seasonal too? No. We can have peace in our troubles and storms sometimes by just acknowledging that we have a storm & figuring a way. Peace exists while we work through a solution.

For the spiritual person, peace by leaning on God’s Word is a major part of life. The belief that as in the Bible book Phillipians calling on Christians not to worry about anything, but in everything with prayer and thanksgiving, give it all to God and in return He will give you “a peace that passes all understanding”

No matter what side of the spiritual or naturalistic view you lean on, try to start exploring those things that either give you peace or help you come to a peaceful state. Remember, peace is not the absence of troubling matters but the calmness through the storm

Mah Mekolle

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