Alenne Menget Ats


The SONNAH awards came and went, but it reminded me and many of you that we have talented people in our country and one of them is a star whose light has been shinning and you can’t help but notice. He enticed us with his documentaries which can be found on YouTube, numerous stories on the fabric of my dear country Cameroon. For someone like me living out of the country, I welcomed these documentaries with open arms and could not get enough. For me this was a gift, the opportunity to see my country from the eyes of everyday human experiences.

Then the SONNAH awards came and showed us that Mr Alenne Menget is not a one trick pony, he is multifaceted and versatile and should be supported and lauded in his upward climb to stardom. His style is brash, in your face, his humor dry and hilarious, his honesty evident in his facebook write ups, he is a talented actor. Most of all, whether you agree or disagree with him, you must give it up for the fact that he brings the discourse straight to your door. Please click on the link below to read more about Alenne’s SONNAH award rise to the top! We are proud of you, un seul mot!

Alenne has gone from a boy to a man, and we are only just beginning to see the tip of the wealth of talent he will be showing us in the years to come. Please support our rising stars again, help support and watch his work by ATS PRODUCTION. Alenne, keep doing a great job, the sky is the limit



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  1. its no surprise of what Mr Alenne is today one word HARDWORK nice work bro

  2. I have a gut feeling I know that guy somewhere back home but well that is that. I am happy for him and glad to have met you Mah. You know you meet some people and you feel like you have known them ere long. Darling, Keep walking as Bizin says and lets keep inspiring each other.

      1. This is so deep, i will not only want to encourage the protagonist here, but the writer, who hasnt stopped inspiring me for sometime now, I am proud to be associated with people who are and are still going to be marvels to this our generation. To both of you, i say JUST KEEP WALKING….

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