How close are you to your purpose, how close are you to realizing your dreams…?

My dear readers and those who have so far followed my journey the past 2 years from writing my first blog post to discovering just how much I love sharing my heart’s desire, which is, positive enrichment words in the form of pearls of wisdom on my blog Pearls Of Our Lives. It has been an enriching experience going from shy writer, to insecure sharer and then in the last year, taking the bull by the horns to burst out and say, this is what I feel in my heart, hear me out and let me fly.


It is my joy to share my baby steps and big leaps in this journey with you. I despise not the days of small beginnings and I give thanks for the journey’s continuation. Now, this is no small step for me, to be invited to now be a major feature contributor on The Immigrant Magazine TV – Voice of Immigrants in America.

 “The Immigrant Magazine, Inc. is a multi-media corporation that specializes in the development and distribution of media that focuses on the United States growing and ever-changing ethnic population. As the voice of the American immigrant we provide this audience with publications that will enhance their experience in America and forums to address their unique concerns and interests.” timtvhollywood


I am pleased and excited, very honored in fact to join my work and words to the amazing Pamela Anchang, seen above, and her endeavor through my Positive Enrichment pearls of wisdom as well as my socioeconomically conscious articles featuring news from around the world and much more!

Look out for more collaboration and new ventures from me, The Immigrant Magazine Inc multi-media platform as I will be exploring other media ventures.

This means for your own dreams, do not relent, do not stop, if you think it is for you, grab hold of it and run till you get there. You will get tired along the way, you will doubt, you will worry but don’t you ever stop chasing your dreams, for slowly sometimes, but surely they come to pass. Join me in celebrating this milestone, which is the beginning of bigger dreams come true. Please enjoy some of the diversity of work and cultures that The Immigrant Magazine Hollywood has been up to in the last 10 years, from the Miss Asia Universe, to the Polish Film festival, interviews and many more exciting ventures. Join us! Enjoy the pics

Pamela Anchang of The Immigrant Magazine

Stay tuned for this powerful collaboration, between the power of African Women, making a difference in the USA and the diaspora.


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What have you planned for your family lately? On October 25th 2014, join me and more power house Speakers including but not limited to Dr Nicoline Ambe – our Keynote Speaker and Child Education specialist, Mr Darius Allen – millionaire/entrepreneur, Dr Dubi Sendze and other surprises, as we bring you a holistic approach to raising high achievers! Our children matter, the brothers, nieces, cousins in our care deserve the best. Bring them and yourselves for a few hours only, and empower your minds

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Again, need I say more? Your child from the time they are born to university bound, needs all the help to deal with school, high performance in education, strategies for staying focused, direct help and counseling, dealing with peer pressure, bullying, self-esteem issues, training on making good decisions, planning for future careers. We will have a special guest speaker, young adult, sharing his real life experience on the perils of following the wrong crowd and how to bounce back. There is something for parents and children from 5 years old to high school. Come, take advantage, only $20 per person for a valuable experience worth more than that! Bring everyone, space limited. Register today!!!



MAH MEKOLLE- (Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Poet, Writer)



Mental health, what is it? I decided to write from my heart what I feel organically on this subject. So you will not see me strive to use approved definitions per any particular school of thought, but from knowledge I have gathered and understood over the years. This is my take on the subject.

Mental health is a topic I realized most people don’t talk about as often as I think we should. A topic so important that the absence of addressing it is an alarming oversight. It usually comes up when the negative effects occur, then we realize at that time that we should have paid more attention.

When the body functions as it should, we don’t wake up thinking about it necessarily. It is a given. The spiritually inclined might thank God, the earth, the Heavens for good health. We really only pay attention when the body has an interruption in its smooth flow.


Pain is usually the attention-getter, the warning sign that something needs our attention. Sometimes it is dull, an ache, a cramping pain, sharp, burning, stabbing or piercing. Even with identifying the kind of physical pain, we can go as far as qualifying or quantifying its intensity, which takes into consideration the person’s ability to bear pain. For example, an identical physical wound might cause one person to scream and qualify it as a sharp pain of 8 on a scale 0-10, with zero being no pain, and 10 being the worst pain they ever felt. Another person with the same wound and using the same scale might say they feel it at an intensity of 4. Same event, different pain threshold, different experience

Mental Health, just like physical health is as affected by pain and all its factors as described above. Unfortunately, mental distress and pain is most ignored than physical pain. One can’t walk around with a gaping bleeding wound too long without addressing it. We fear infection and bleeding to death, or the aesthetic need to look neat, dress it up, look presentable, for people can see it.

The disequilibrium in mental health is harder to notice, address or treat. Most of all it is not as overt, it is hidden.  Only the one suffering knows they are in trouble. You’d think that like the one with a broken hand knows where and how bad their pain is, that the one with mental pain can easily narrow it down and seek to address it. But no, it is not that simple

It is hard for us to know when we have gone from the expected mental disturbances like anxious moments, spurts of anger, sadness, disappointment, to the conditions of constantly feeling sad, melancholic, depress and debilitating low self-esteem, phobias, then fear of nothing & yet everything.


In the same way the body learns to cope by compensating in order to heal, so too does the mind. The body for example will redirect blood flow from the skin to the vital organs is necessary if blood supply is compromised in the body. Your body will rather sacrifice your fingers and skin to keep you alive, by feeding your heart, lungs, kidneys. The brain/mind has its own coping strategies. We smile, pretend, tough it out and try not to dwell on our stresses. Anything to keep from feeling the mental pain

However like anything that festers and worsens if not addressed, our faithful coping mechanisms fail, we reach the tipping point, boil over and prepare to crash. Choices upon us, to choose the red pill or the blue pill – choose life or death:

OPTION 1) surrender, seek help, talk to someone, share your pain, LIVE!

OPTION 2) Keep running. Avoid the pain, postpone help, DEATH


Not all mental disorders are due to chemical imbalances, and neither will I attempt to identify all or talk of all possible causes. I will seek to only talk of the disorders born of the escalation from poor management of seemingly benign mental and emotional problems to the cancer that is these disorders.

People display new characteristics like over-cleanliness, obsession with carnal satiety, extremely pious, doing good deed, painful humility, low self-esteem, ideation of grandiosity, split personality disorders, brash and hard exteriors, and some set out to hurt and do the same things done to them to others. Others crawl into a life of loneliness, waiting for something, someone to save them

What happens next, depends on the support system you have. Even then, a support system cannot identify for us what we wont identify for ourselves. It is a support system, and can not carry the weight of our success or failures, we ultimately do by the choices we make. We can choose to speak up, or we can choose to run. Sometimes the choice is not that easy to make, that is the sad example, it is not always that simple.

As a people who all have been through one or all of these stages, we should then live with the consciousness that it could be us, or it could be someone going through something. Build humanity, a sense of care, love, concern for fellow-man. Be willing to be vulnerable so those who need strength can break down walls as well, cause you did it. Be approachable, a life may depend on us. We are not directly responsible for that life but our own, but what if we could make a difference. Want to know how? It starts with love, it includes listening, not judging too harshly, and growing ourselves











I have known her for about 3 decades, lived in the same neighborhoods, slept in the same dorm in Our Lady of Lourdes secondary school and on the holidays, enjoyed Bamenda, Cameroon while dreaming! Yes, i’m talking about the one, the only, the brain behind the fabulous go-to medium for all things Africa, Miss Ngum Ngafor, Editor of AFRICALLY SPEAKING!

Ngum comes from a family line of entrepreneurs, her late father was an innovator, a pioneer who in Ngum’s own words, was the first person to introduce comprehensive education to Cameroon, first exporter of medicinal plants, and to venture into private higher education. Now you see her fascination with innovation. Watching her older sister Anrette Ngafor, designer of Liiber London has also been a great source of inspiration. I caught up with Ngum for teasers of Africally speaking

Africally speaking 1AS2








My dear readers, keep your eyes and ears trained on Africally Speaking (AS) for up to date news on all things Africa. I am so proud of my friend and fellow Cameroonian woman, doing big things.




























Alenne Menget Ats


The SONNAH awards came and went, but it reminded me and many of you that we have talented people in our country and one of them is a star whose light has been shinning and you can’t help but notice. He enticed us with his documentaries which can be found on YouTube, numerous stories on the fabric of my dear country Cameroon. For someone like me living out of the country, I welcomed these documentaries with open arms and could not get enough. For me this was a gift, the opportunity to see my country from the eyes of everyday human experiences.

Then the SONNAH awards came and showed us that Mr Alenne Menget is not a one trick pony, he is multifaceted and versatile and should be supported and lauded in his upward climb to stardom. His style is brash, in your face, his humor dry and hilarious, his honesty evident in his facebook write ups, he is a talented actor. Most of all, whether you agree or disagree with him, you must give it up for the fact that he brings the discourse straight to your door. Please click on the link below to read more about Alenne’s SONNAH award rise to the top! We are proud of you, un seul mot!

Alenne has gone from a boy to a man, and we are only just beginning to see the tip of the wealth of talent he will be showing us in the years to come. Please support our rising stars again, help support and watch his work by ATS PRODUCTION. Alenne, keep doing a great job, the sky is the limit



She wakes up a minority, among all beings even though she is the majority in the game of gender numbers. Her arms are sore from working like a mule, her legs ache from miles walked to cater to the needs of her family.  She is looked to from all directions for answers to questions that deal with catering to others, “Mamma where is the food, Mamma where are my shoes” and my favorite,  the overbearing voice of some men “WOMAN come here, service me!”… She wakes up not thinking of herself, she wakes up a servant in her bed, home, community and continent, somewhere in Africa there is a woman whose reality fits this profile, her name is Adama, Amina, Sirri, Zinzi…

Somewhere in Africa the woman sings her sweet sorrowful song. She has been violated again in the worst possible way, there were two of them this time. It is believed that having sex with a virgin will cure HIV, so they took turns at her with no remorse, they slapped her into submission and the other one covered her mouth, blocking her nose in the process. Although she kicked with her legs, her silent protest went unheard. She felt her insides rip and the life’s blood trickled down her aching feet. They transferred what they had unto her, and took her innocence away. They left her for dead as she prayed with her last breath for an angel to ease her pain. As her tears flow down her face, her sweet song fades away, she might not make it.

Down by the river a young girl plays with her friends, she is twelve years old, giggling in all her childish glory, hopscotch here we go, it’s time to play and laugh like a kid. But somewhere in the bushes hides the hunter, the pervert, the macho majority as he lusts for her young skin. He smiles for he knows, it is his legal right to claim her for a wife. The laws are in his favor, he watched her from the time she was born, he was already fifty years old! From fatherly pats on the head to lustful grin in his eyes, he will arrange the marriage and violate this young soul. Oh I weep for her, I cannot save her, I run and run but like in a dream the road disappears. She will be married by dawn, another African woman violated and the law said nothing!

Oh she cries and cries, and can cry no more. Her husband slapped and hit and boxed her like gym equipment. She had served his food at the wrong temperature again! She forgot his favorite calabash, the one he washes his hands in before he eats the food she toiled all morning to cook. That mishap, now her face displaced, dislocated jaw bone but not the only bone displaced. The neighbors hear her screams but they move on, her fellow woman just got her own beating a few hours earlier, she can’t help, the other one knows it’s just a matter of time. The law courts say the man can do whatever he wants with his property, she is his property. African woman valued less than a child, even livestock is catered for better than her. 

Abroad there’s an African woman, whose soul is dead but her body still functions. She wears clean clothes, has a great job, her make-up is fabulous. She brings home the bacon, makes the bacon and feeds her family. She rises before dawn, cleans like a maniac, shows up to work where she is manager, but back home he is a savage. Friday pay-day she collects her check, straight into his account it goes. She asks for pocket-money in her meek voice, as she calls him Baba, my Husband. He hands her breadcrumbs as he wakes up from his lazy slumber on his way to see his mistress. If she is lucky he will return home to watch the kids while she goes off to work again. One day she got tired, she told her colleague her pain, her colleague fellow African woman, surely she will understand? No. Her friend told her African husband, who told his friend and when she came back home that night, she was dead meat. I read in the paper a woman had been found burnt in Texas, husband on the run. In related news, another story of a woman from West Africa chopped up by her husband for disobedience!



Oh African woman, gender majority, social minority. It doesn’t matter what social strata you belong, you have to fight for your rights as an equal human being, born of the same womb, same labor pains your mother endured. Your shoulders are broad, the burdens you carry. You have to be emotionally strong like Goliath, lower pay at work, fight stereotypes, fight for your voice, and still be a sister, mother, wife, daughter, and lover. Somehow you are expected to be the servant and yet act like you are grateful for the role. When does the fight end, where do we start, or how do we finish. They poke your privacy in public searching for your virginity, and when they find it they crush it. How about some respect for starters? Love her like you love yourself, fight for her like you would for yourself! African brother, time to rise up for your sister, your wife, your woman, your mother, your child!


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