How close are you to your purpose, how close are you to realizing your dreams...? My dear readers and those who have so far followed my journey the past 2 years from writing my first blog post to discovering just how much I love sharing my heart's desire, which is, positive enrichment words in the... Continue Reading →

  EMPOWER YOUR MIND AND THAT OF YOUR CHILD What have you planned for your family lately? On October 25th 2014, join me and more power house Speakers including but not limited to Dr Nicoline Ambe - our Keynote Speaker and Child Education specialist, Mr Darius Allen - millionaire/entrepreneur, Dr Dubi Sendze and other surprises,... Continue Reading →


  Mental health, what is it? I decided to write from my heart what I feel organically on this subject. So you will not see me strive to use approved definitions per any particular school of thought, but from knowledge I have gathered and understood over the years. This is my take on the subject.... Continue Reading →


              I have known her for about 3 decades, lived in the same neighborhoods, slept in the same dorm in Our Lady of Lourdes secondary school and on the holidays, enjoyed Bamenda, Cameroon while dreaming! Yes, i'm talking about the one, the only, the brain behind the fabulous go-to... Continue Reading →

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