Life as it is can be a beautiful thing,

It is a beautiful thing.

When I think of all the daunting tasks

that we do in order to stay alive with masks

I realize that all we really need does already exist

It exists within our hearts waiting in time to exit


Pain, suffering and hurt are so natural

they remind us that we are feeling beings, so natural.

When we let our vulnerabilities see the light of day

We usher in a wave of realism, and blessings no words can say

The taste of the good life lies not in hiding our good heart

but in the overcoming of expected but unknown obstacles with heart


Do not cry through the night as well as through the day

The day breaks to give us a chance to make new hay

Make room for forgiveness, empathy, growth and love

Your conditions may change but the essence of you is love

Dry your eyes sweet child, you are more protected than you see

Smile for life sweet child, stop and smell the roses you see



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