I am no stranger to counting my blessings, we all know about counting blessings

A lot of times, we do it mentally, we take a minute to just think of what we are grateful for

Most of the time, it occurs to us to thank our blessings when we are trying to console

ourselves after something negative has happened, normal.


I decided that I won’t just mentally count my blessings, I will start keeping

a written journal of the things I am thankful for. Life has shown that the older

you get or the more alive you are the more obstacles you encounter, some

within your control to avoid and overcome, others, out of left field as they say.


You can’t control someone’s actions, but nothing is standing in the way of you being

thankful. Start today, you may think life is crazy right now, or that you are weighed

down too deep to look up. But I dare you to take a pen and paper and start writing

down whatever comes to your mind that you could be grateful for. If you still can’t

see past your pain, hurt, disappointment, shock to think positively, draw inspiration

from the things you have been spared from, like living on the streets, eating from the

trash basket, on death’s bed with no access to a doctor or internet to ask for help.


If you can read this now, and you still have nothing you can think of to be grateful for,

thank God you still have eyes, the gift of sight! I am grateful for a lot, how about you?

Happy Thanksgiving for those in the USA tomorrow


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