My dear readers, I took a few weeks off from writing just to concentrate on myself,

more learning, zen, refresh, renew; we all need that time away from everything.

During my brief time from writing, I was plagued by many topics which I will be

writing on daily. One of the things I thought about this morning is the aspect of

our uniqueness. How unique do you really feel? Apart from the intellectual

understanding that we all throw around, but, how often do you feel this way

of yourself that you are really special and separate from everyone else


You see, part of human confidence and ability to deal with society, our community

in a way that is balanced relies on confidence. Our confidence is shaken if we do not

know that we do not need to try too hard to impress, or be who we are not just to

be accepted.


Today’s Food For Thought, what do you know you really have within you that is

your thing, that you know gives you that edge in life. That thing that in spite of

all the short-comings, failures, negatives, things you are still working on, things you

wish you had, there is an aspect of you, that makes you smile. If you don’t know it,

spend some time in meditation, self-examination and discover it. It is your birth right

to know what God gave you that you should be aware of and take pride and comfort in.


You know, for some people they take pride and comfort in the fact that no matter

how broke, sad, disappointed, shy in character, bad at dancing or cooking, they take

know that they are great painters, a model thanks God daily for her incredible height,

a dancer may not have the best voice, but if all they have is their ability to dance, they

know that is what sets them apart, there are people we called nerds in school, awkward

glasses-wearing kids, but no amount of awkwardness can take away their brain power,

and they take pride in that. Some people may not be as easy on the eyes aesthetically, but

they have the voice of an angel, THAT is their thing. Some people might not be as tall, elegant,

handsome like models but they write the best stories. Some people have the ability

to draw in a crowd, charisma………you get the idea.


So my question to you, you may not have THIS which you envy in someone else,

but you have THAT. What is it about YOU that you are proud of? Find it, nurture

it, it is your secret weapon against elements in life that want to take you down. It

may also be your source of greatest success.




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