In our hurt, we cause hurt, In our pain, we cause pain, In our anger, we cause anger, In our sadness, we cause sadness In our confusion, we cause confusion In our conflict, we cause conflict In our happiness, we cause happiness In our jubilation, we cause jubilation In our resolution, we cause resolution In... Continue Reading →


PART I – WROUGHT IRON WALLS   Locked away safely and undisturbed, bound by sheer will shackled with wrought iron chains, she dragged the box that held her heart to the water’s edge. There, within that box lay the treacherous heart of that Lady Love, heart that bore the imprint of the most treacherous of... Continue Reading →


  Life as it is can be a beautiful thing, It is a beautiful thing. When I think of all the daunting tasks that we do in order to stay alive with masks I realize that all we really need does already exist It exists within our hearts waiting in time to exit   Pain,... Continue Reading →


MOTHER MOTHER BEYOND   Mother mother on my mind I think of you today no less than I've done everyday My love for you is unending, your spirit I feel at every turn You called me your angel when you cradled me in your womb Now you're my angel lighting my path every second  ... Continue Reading →


My sister is a female sibling in the strictest sense A sister goes deeper than just parents in common Life gifts us with sisters at different stages in our lives They are true assets, rare to find, blessings to keep They have one, two or three things we cherish in life If you find one... Continue Reading →


I see thee Knight alone, armor on, a soldier at war Your stance is confident, your face brave against the sun You have your orders, the mission is clear Fight, with all your might fight them all off   Find a spot, take cover for there's no time to waste Safe in hiding, you observe... Continue Reading →


GUILTY Voices in the head that creep up Naysayers in the hoods that speak up Memories of old times that left us Anxieties of the future that brainwash us   Guilty, Am I the right child turned adult Am I the right partner and spouse Am I the right parent to our kids Am I... Continue Reading →

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