I see thee Knight alone, armor on, a soldier at war

Your stance is confident, your face brave against the sun

You have your orders, the mission is clear

Fight, with all your might fight them all off


Find a spot, take cover for there’s no time to waste

Safe in hiding, you observe everything and everyone

Sharp gaze on the world that threatened everything

Left you bereft, left you wanting, longing, hoping


He waits still, there’s no sound but his heart beating

He starts to sweat, no enemy fire yet, no one sees him

He smiles, his plan working for here he’ll make his bed

And yet he must stay alert so he checks his armor


Metal breastplate to protect his heart

Iron helmet against stray bullets and brainwashing

Sword in hand, strength in legs, he’s poised to fight

Knight at war, alone and caged, but what war do you fight?


How far can you run if it’s from yourself

How deep can you hide, if you’re in there too

Knight at War, the war was always within

You’ve got your armor, can it protect you from you?





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