I don’t know how to put this politically correct enough, but God exists, period.

Now, that’s just my opinion. You see, whether you accept it or not you have not

made it this far by yourself, even when sometimes it looks that way.  The fact that

you don’t pray, or pray often enough only diminishes God and His power in your

eyes, it does not actually diminish how great God is. The moment you change

and start to love Him again, communicate with him and do the things that are

within God’s laws, all of a sudden you think God grew greater, but He was always

great, it is your perspective that changed.


I think tonight before I go to bed, jokes aside, I just need t let someone to

know that while human beings may have failed them, and the things of the

world look bleak, and they think they are on their last breath, think again.

Your perspective is about to shift from the things the human eye can appreciate

to the inside. I want you to know, that what you think was your last step, last breath

is actually the moment you realize you had taken your last step a long time ago but God

was helping you all along. Now finally let go, and dwell in the arms of your Father in Heaven

so He may complete the good thing He started in you with your knowledge and without

you fighting Him along the way or trying to help Him. Let God be God, you, be His child.


When God said come to me all ye that labor and are heavy burdened and I will give you

rest, it wasn’t punch line, but the truth. I tried it, I sometimes forget and I suffer for nothing,

but when I remember I go back and give Him my burdens. Works every time.


Somewhere in the world it is good morning, salam, shallom, bonjour, gutten tag,

for me it is good night. For the first time in months, years, weeks, if this is you, I want

you to take a breath, smile and let go, let it go, I promise you, just let your heart rest.

Something will change, maybe not in the direction you think, but something will change

and when it does, it will be for your good. But for now, I transfer peace unto you my

brother, my sister, aunty, uncle, grandma, granddad. The Bible says do not worry about

anything, but in everything with prayer and thanksgiving, give it unto the Lord and He

will give you a PEACE that passes all understanding. Try it, try letting go, what have you

got to lose by letting go, but what if you actually gain some PEACE, Godly peace………




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