My sister is a female sibling in the strictest sense

A sister goes deeper than just parents in common

Life gifts us with sisters at different stages in our lives

They are true assets, rare to find, blessings to keep

They have one, two or three things we cherish in life

If you find one in your life time, do not let her go

She’ll be your mother, father, friend and manager all in one


My sister is my Champion

My sister encourages me in ways that bless me

She may not know all my secrets, doesn’t matter, she’s got my back

She champions my causes, and doesn’t put me down

If she doesn’t understand it, she accepts me and is patient

She prays for my successes and laments my failures

My sister is my hero, with her I feel like a star


My sister is my Protector

My sister defends me and fights for me. She is kind

When I call her name, she’s there for me without question

She covers me from enemy fire if she can

When I’m hurt, she provides a haven of protection while I heal

She protects me and my household when she can

My sister is my soldier, with her I feel safe


My sister is my Friend

She listens to all my secrets, aspirations, dreams and fears

She doesn’t judge me, or question the things I keep for myself

She gives me good counsel, laughs at my jokes, shares my pain

She knows my children’s names, loves them like her own

She’s not afraid to love me and let the world know it

My sister is my treasure, with her I find peace


My sister is my Teacher

She knows me, sees my soul, hears my heart

She teaches me the ways of the world when I falter

She gives me a shoulder to cry on with immeasurable empathy

She tells me truth without sting, shares her wisdom without fail

My sister has no envy or jealousy for me

She tells the world she is proud of me


My sister is God’s Reflection,

My sister shows me love and loves those I love

My sister prays with me, and when I’m weak she intercedes for me

My sister rebukes my bad behavior and shows me the right way

My sister won’t let me starve, she’ll share her bread, her cloak a place to stay

We may not talk everyday, or every month, she’s still my soul sister

My sister’s keeper, she is me, with her, all is well






2 thoughts on “WHO IS YOUR SISTER

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  1. This is the most touching definition of a sister I’ve come across. Well written Mah. Thanks for this inspirational piece.

    1. Thank you dear Yenih for that lovely compliment and also for honoring my blog with a visit. I thouroughly enjoy yenihsworld, fun and vibrant. I do think that as women we don’t always get the opportunity to show and express all that we can be for the world, the poem is just a few of the qualities I could put together to describe who we are and have the potential to be as sisters to both boys and girls. When we do reflect these qualities it is important to shine a light on it. Thank you again

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