I was about to sleep and I thought about this verse that came in my head from the bible, paraphrased thus

“it is harder for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle

than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven”


This looks easy to interpret but I wonder, what does the answer really break down to.

The whole day I had been wrestling with the idea that is it irresponsible for those who preach

and promote financial prosperity, whether they are Priests, Pastors, Life Coaches, Business Marketers,

Facebook friends, US as a whole if the hat fits, to do so without also promoting prosperity within our

hearts, minds and souls. In the pursuit of financial, no, super financial freedom, which seems to be the

goal, are we missing the mark. Is it easier to have joy, peace, love, kindness, faithfulness and all the other

things that human beings seem to yearn, without reaching the goal of financial prosperity, or is financial

prosperity the crowning of it all. If the answer is NO, then I wonder, if is not that important, how come we

spend most of our lives chasing that which is not in essence the crux of our human being. When and at

what point do we know when to switch gears or when do we realize we have bought into a rhetoric

and hopped on a band wagon and can’t get off??? Thoughts, thoughts, as I sleep, I will be thinking.

What do you think?



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  1. As usual, it is almost 2am and I am still awake! What a piece for me to think about while trying to sleep!! I think we switch gears when we realize that all is meaningless; as said by king Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes. We set goals (financial, educational etc), we meet the goals and then we set new goals. We do not take the time to even rejoice when we meet a goal because we are too busy trying to accomplish the next thing. When does it stop? When is it ever really enough? I believe that when we start asking these questions, it is time to switch

    1. Wow Dino, you just ministered to me & I’m so glad I put my thoughts out there. And yes sleeping late is kinda the norm for me too. I found myself out of the blue feeling depressed that I had not begun my other set of goals & panicked, even though no one can call me a slacker! We put pressure on ourselves then kill ourselves to achieve goals & like you said don’t even take time to savor our success cause we’re on to the next one. Thank you for that word to ease my mind & smell the roses.

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