Have you thought about the kind of person you are

to your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, children?

Are you fluid like the river or are you a dam

Are you an opening or a clogged drain pipe

Are you a conduit of blessings or does the buck stop with you


We all want to move forward in life. Everybody at some point

needs somebody, and no matter how rich, famous or independent

everybody wants something from someone else at some point.

So, while you are wishing and waiting for your increase, ask yourself

when’s the last time you gave someone a leg-up? Has your climb

up made you insensitive to those still climbing,

do you judge others’ failures to mean they haven’t worked

hard like you and thereforedon’t deserve a handout.


It’s not your place to judge, just help

I’m inspired by the works of Dr Georges Bwelle. By all accounts as

a Physician, he should not need much help, but because he is helping

those in need by giving them free medical treatments in Cameroon, Africa

he therefore needs a leg-up so he can continue to be a conduit of blessings.

Let’s help him win the CNN hero by voting for him daily


Are you a green light or a stop sign?

Being a conduit of kindness and goodness can be as simple as

sharing your lunch, listening to someone’s heart when they need an ear,

providing shelter, paying their tuition, buying one textbook for school,

giving someone a job, connecting them by one phone call to the one

who holds answers to their situation, a car ride on a rainy day after church,

forgiving their loan or interests, permitting a loan, a smile, your friendship.


Think today, don’t let a day go by when you can’t say you gave someone

a leg-up. Don’t be too caught up in your own struggles to see that you

have someone else’s answers, it’s all about perspective

Be a  green light not a stop sign


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