Mother mother on my mind

I think of you today no less than I’ve done everyday

My love for you is unending, your spirit I feel at every turn

You called me your angel when you cradled me in your womb

Now you’re my angel lighting my path every second


Mother mother on my mind

When I close my eyes I hear you laugh

The sweetest melody that graced my ears

I smile for you are laughing once again now in Heaven

The angels join you this time, the sound a sweet melody


Mother mother on my mind

In my deepest thoughts I hear your whisper

You still comfort me when I weep, sad or depressed

I’m nestled in your bosom as when I was a babe

My tears though I weep for you, my solace I still get in you


Mother mother on my mind

The day you left, I wanted to go with you

My life hasn’t been the same without you

Now I’m a parent and I know how much you loved me too

I still smell your perfume, sweet as a rose, it heals my soul


Mother mother beyond

Though you are gone, and I’m missing you

I know you see me, for I see you in everything I do

I weep no more,  for a child always has a mother

Like Jesus His Mary, you’re my Mary and we are never parted


Mother mother in Heaven

I want you to know I make you proud

I work hard and I live right just like you taught me

I am a great mother, father, friend and neighbor

When anyone asks how I turned out so special

I smile as I whisper your name, for it all came from you



(This poem is dedicated to Osric, Shiyghan, Yaya, Yeem and especially Woyen Navti

on the 9th year since Mother Mary went beyond)


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