Voices in the head that creep up

Naysayers in the hoods that speak up

Memories of old times that left us

Anxieties of the future that brainwash us



Am I the right child turned adult

Am I the right partner and spouse

Am I the right parent to our kids

Am I the right sibling to my brothers and sisters



Did I make the right choice when I met you, or left you

Did I make the right choice for education or no education

Did I make the right choice to leave home or still stay there

Did I make the right choice to stick it through no matter what



About the passions I have in  life

About the desires that plague my heart

About the things I would rather do

About the feelings I’d rather express



Are my parenting skills good enough

Are my friendships true enough

Are my religious leanings right enough

Are my career choices good enough



Is my skin the right color for acceptance

Is my accent too thick, not thick enough or just right

Is my name too long, too short or just wrong

Is my political view too left, too right or just in the middle enough



Too thin or do my bones stick out just enough

Too soft, or are my chubby parts just right

Too tall, too short or just right

Teeth too crooked, not white enough or just perfect



Why do we feel so guilty about everything

Why do these thoughts plague our existence

Why even when we are right, do we still feel inadequate

Why isn’t our world accepting of us as it should


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