She stood there trembling, no words came to her mind

The cold had settled in her core, rose from her stomach

it’s icy fingers spread through her veins,  she stared in

the distance, as the message sank in, Daddy was gone!


She reached for the chair but couldn’t find it,

she fell to the ground, but didn’t notice it

The phone fell from her hand, as she cradled her

knees and started to weep. She called on her Father


At first it was a whisper, unintelligible words,

a cry, then a loud wail, FATHER! DADDY!

She cried so hard she ripped her heart, banged her

head, as memories of her fallen hero rushed in


Father was always there, she was his little girl

A girl learns to love from the love of a father

He gave her confidence she need not ever compromise

Now Daddy’s gone, and though she’s grown, she’s still a girl


With Daddy gone who will protect her,

it’s back to basics, to the fear, no one meets her standards

She wants to love, yearns to love, but her love is gone

She still thinks of him, wondering someday if he’ll come again


Daddy’s gone but know you’re still his Princess

So walk like royalty, stare like a Dame, live like a fairy

You’re still special, your love awaits you, new love is healing

Father beyond, never forgotten, always forgiven, lives on in your heart


After a close friend of mine read the poems I did on “Plight of The Fatherless”, she requested me do one for a child whose father passed away, her father, hence the inspiration behind “Father Beyond”. I dedicate this to all who have lost a Father

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