Fatherless daughter,

from a very young age you knew you were different.

Sirri had her Pa, Fri had her Dada, even Aaron had a Daddy.

But you, you starred in longing at the kindergarten gate,

hoping someday yours will show up, but he never came.

I watched you cry your heart out, wondering what was

wrong with you, why weren’t you chosen.  Then on graduation

day, your heart finally broke, never to be mended.


Fatherless Sister

Oh the pain it caused you that night, when Daddy packed his bags

You cried and promised you will do what it took for him to stay.

You lashed out at Mommy, said it was her fault! He looked at you

and without a word he walked out. You didn’t see his heart-break,

you didn’t see his world shatter, he had no words to tell you,

and so you died that night, never knowing he loves you.  You

went to school that day, closed your heart, turned into a bully.


Fatherless friend

Mother was a Lady of the Night, she lay with the Mexican,

the French man, the African, and then she had you.

You stuck out like a sore thumb, no one knows your race.

She thinks it was the Australian, but at this point who cares.

You’re now laying with the Mexican, the French man, the Africans,

wrecking marriages, and all that looking for Daddy!

You turned into a tramp, looking for the stamp, looking for your map


Fatherless daughter, sister, friend

Hold my hand, reach out for me. I’m your sister

You’re not alone, I understand you, I won’t judge you.

But you’ve got to stop the pains you cause yourself and

cause others. Daddy isn’t here, not because he doesn’t love you

for you didn’t hear him say that. He has his demons, has his story,

has his journey. You can’t ruin your life, looking for answers that he

doesn’t have. Now you have a husband, and a son, don’t make them

fatherless by your attitude. God is your Father, and He has all the answers


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