Fatherless son

You grew up never knowing your daddy

Momma told you tales of how he left you

when you were just a baby. But child,

if she was honest, she’ll say she never knew him.

Today you walk around with a space in your heart

that no one can fill, but the warmth of your daddy.

How can I tell you, that somehow you’ve got to quit

searching for him. He’s long gone, he was never there.

But you are here, you matter and now you’re a Daddy.


Fatherless Brother,

Daddy came and went, never stayed long enough

to tell you he loved you. Always picked a fight with mother,

said you were a mistake, or so you thought you heard.

You believe that cause it’s easier than not knowing what

he feels for you at all. You create stories to ease the pain

of seeing Tommy’s Dad at the ball game, but not yours.

So you joined the gang, hid your tears and turned to madness.

The streets got you, they stole your heart, now you’re in jail


Fatherless Friend,

Daddy was home, but never really home was he?

He left with another, had other children, never looked back

You swore you won’t be like him, and so you vowed you’ll never marry

But instead you turned to philandering, took their innocence, broke their hearts

laughed at their pain. They all bear the mark of the beast that is you.

You over-achieve, reach higher, forever climbing, but deep down inside

you don’t feel worthy, you’re just a baby, confused in your anguish

Someday you awake to the fact you caused more pain than him

Will it be too late to make amends for all the pain you caused then?


Fatherless son, brother, friend

God is your father, from Him you can take your direction

Daddy left you, Daddy not home, no worries you’re not lost

My Father made you, Daddy was the conduit, you still have a Father

Now you are a father, be who he should have been, rise up from your slumber

Forgive him and move on, you can’t rearrange the past, but today calls

your name, a new destiny, a new history for your bloodline

It takes a village, when forgiveness is done, open your heart

Life is calling, your destiny awaits for you to wake up


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