Soul connections don’t happen everyday

But when it does happen, it ushers in a world of beauty

There’s a synergy mere words can’t explain

A meeting of souls, a blending of hearts, a shift in the mind


In a world of pain, suffering, depression, loneliness and confusion

With my soul connections there is peace, love, a true fusion

A tapping into recesses long forgotten

An awakening of dead bones to glorious reason


Soul connections know you got their back, front, even their insides

They barge into our heart even when we try to shut them out

Their presence is truth, their words are just, with them we’re safe

They stand in the gaps, heal our wounds, listen without judgement


Soul connections know us deeper than we dare say

They see through us farther than the eyes permit

They dare us look away from our authentic selves

They challenge our fiber, demand our presence, call us to action


I love my soul connections deep, no need to explain it

When life dares crush you, i’ll kneel to carry you

I’ll hold your hand, cry with you, pray for you

I’ll fight your fight, cheer your success, share my bread


No room for mediocre love, mediocre friendships or connections

give me my soul-seeker, soul lover, soul sister, soul brother

‘Tis not the absence of a reason to cry

But the presence of a shoulder to cry on


My Soul Connections


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