“My love” he says, looking into her deep eyes

“There is something about the way you love me,

the only love I know that is mightier than yours,

is the love I feel and experience for you.


You see, from the time you were a teen

I knew in my soul you were imprinted in my destiny

I hoped and prayed you felt it too, but I didn’t

care, for one day I was going to show you


Like Adam who lost a rib so Eve could be

So did God save my rib so he could create you

So you see my darling, no matter where you go

or what you do, I could never stop loving you


My love for you is divine, it transcends earthly norms

I hold you in my arms as my treasure, to shine only for me

Now that you are mine, I’ll die before I disappoint you

Yet if I should hurt you, I’ll be reborn a thousand times to heal you


I love all your curves, your messy hair, and all your baggage

Your beauty first thing in the morning, akin to that of an angel

I will fight like a Spartan to earn and keep your love

I’ll defend your honor My Lady, i’m your man and your King


Allow me love you, like you were born for loving

Let me eat your pain, cover you with love’s protection

Let me sing your song and set your heart on fire

I want you to bloom my Queen, show you off in our kingdom


A flawed soul I am and yet, perfect love I have for you

A broken vessel I think I am, but you can fill my cracks

With you I am a King, it doesn’t matter what anyone says

With you I live for God, love like a god, reign like a King!






Let me eat your p


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