In her vulnerable glory, she says to him

“From the time I wake up, till the time I close my eyes

I think of just how much my love for you will shine

So the first thing I do, is pray for you


The imperfection of your being draws me like a magnet

My face lights up at the things you are great at

But my heart beats tripple time for the things you struggle with

My love is true, and it loves the flaws in the soul that is you


What care I for diamonds, pearls and gold,

When all the treasure I cherish shines in your eyes

I live to see your heart, where your wounds, and vulnerability hide

I want to run into your embrace, replace your thoughts with all of me


I love the me I see through your eyes, I am a Queen!

In your presence I see God, I see growth, I see life

The vast expanse of your arms, gives me perfect solace

From within I alight and fly the winds of life


My love is true, my being imperfect, a perfect match for imperfect you

When our love hurts, it’s like an inferno, scalding hot, dripping pain

But when love heals, it is Heavenly, it repairs and restores beyond all measure

We love like gods, dance like angels, and sleep like royalty


I want to hold you so tight, your burdens crumble beneath my warmth

I’ll kiss every tear, whisper enchantments and sing your song

Within my arms you’ll find a peace so sweet and gentle

You’ll want for naught for there’s no confusion, I am your future”


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