His right eye gone he starts to wonder

A wise decision or bleeding blunder

His head is aching, heart palpitating

His doubts arise, his pulse is racing


The voices start as he stumbles blindly

One voice says yes, the other says no!

One is chastising, the other baptizing

A new confusion, a new illusion, no resolution


But yet he knows now it’s too late

The eye is gone, the wound is closed

What now remains is perfect insight

But inside, what does insight see?


With new revelation comes a new torment

The disease had spread just like he feared

Evil is seeping through his anger

He reeks of hatred he wants more pain!


He pulls his hair, he bites his nails

His inner animal ready to take over

His blood-shod left eye pierces the darkness

He sweats his rage, panting in agony


Insight is worse for it sees all

Right eye was evil but it spared him the inside truth

As long as he looked out he didn’t have to reach in

To see the truth of who he really was


Insight is just and keeps the fight

For Jekyll and Hyde must have their fight

Good sees a chance and has its moment

A sliver of hope, but  will he survive?…


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