You have been tried and found guilty

Your vista though far-reaching

has cost me perfect vision

So I lay here contemplating my decision


Dear Right Eye

Like a disease you infected me

Like a cancer you spread like wild-fire

I burn at the thought of you

I’m consumed by the effect of you


Dear Right Eye

I’ve had enough of the things you see

For now I see things differently

I’ll rather go blind indeed

Than look another minute through your lenses


Dear Right Eye

The moment of truth I embrace

And so alas I must pluck you

from my socket I will uproot you

And watch my blood drain from your root


Dear Insight

I beg you come rescue me

From the darkness of the dungeon as I stumble

I feel the life draining as I bleed out my infection

I hold the walls like Samson awaits his Power


Insight comes with burning fury

Cauterizing the bleeding socket left vulnerable by his Right Eye

His soul awakes, his spirit calls, his strength is building

He starts to feel, he starts to heal he starts to SEE!



(Inspired by Tami Monono’s “FREE ME”)




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