Locked away safely and undisturbed, bound by sheer will

shackled with wrought iron chains, she dragged the box

that held her heart to the water’s edge. There, within that box

lay the treacherous heart of that Lady Love,

heart that bore the imprint of the most treacherous of hearts

How right it was, how good it felt, she was marked for life


As she watched the box sink, the tears began to rain

First the dry heave, then a solitary drop, two, three

and then it rained tears. She had saved a piece from her

broken heart, unwilling to part with all its pieces.

So with all her might, she clutched at that one piece

and wept like a babe in crisis, with no one to comfort her


Day turned to dark, dusk turned to dawn

Her heart gone, she thought she was free, but the

pain kept on. Slowly but surely Lady Love fell into darkness;

the deepest dungeon there ever was. Oh she laughed and smiled

as the furnace of pain burned her away. Now nothing but ashes,

she turned to the darkness, and the forces that ravaged her


Darkness welcomed Lady Love and plundered

Ravaged her body, broke her spirit, tore her to pieces

They laced her brew, broke her lace, and left her maimed

No one cared, no one noticed, darkness ate her

She roused in pain, dead again, a deeper anguish

She rests her case, the pain he caused, now trumped by darkness


No one noticed, no one cared, no one bothered

No call for justice, no knights at arms, just pitying glances.

There was a crime, a crime of passion, a crime on passion

She lost her heart, lost her soul and he went free

Another badge, ‘twas just a tryst, another conquest

She’d saved herself but now was just a penny with a hole in it









Months went by, years went by and Lady Love roamed

She built her walls, she built her castle, she was her Queen

She grew in beauty, many a suitor came for her hand

She waved them hi, said her goodbyes and gave them smiles

She hoped they’d stop, for can’t they see there’s no one home

Her eyes were light, her light was out, she was in darkness


One day a Knight, bold Sir Redeemer broke the fences

He loved her true, he knew her pain, he loved her silly

His love was right, his touch was true, his heart a treasure

Lady love knew, this was no fluke, this love was good

Her broken piece though all alone, made whole again

On one condition never to dwell on thoughts unspoken


She loved him true, knew his pain, she loved him silly

Her love was right, her touch was true, her heart his treasure

He made his promise, never to hurt, always protect

He loved his angel with the one clipped wing like crazy

Within his love she flew again, she laughed like crazy!

But then he tripped, he lost his hold, and lost his angel!






Now both wings clipped, the fallen angel moaned in anguish

There’s no redeemer, no believer, no protector

She’ll lie alone, nurse her sorrows, and mourn till morrow

The flames consume, she turns to ash,  this is her last


But Lady Love, strong as a warrior was meant to fight

She fought for her life, fought to survive, this was her life

The flames consumed, she fought to breathe, she choked in pain

She turned to ash, rose like a phoenix, burst into light


Her light shines bright, she won the war, now she’s a knight

She shines her light on those who mourn, she feels their pain

Her joy is real, she seeks to heal, and she laughs at will

Her wings are new, stronger than ever, she’ll fly forever!




(pics by loversofsadness.net, shutterstock.com, zengardner.com)

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