Some days it’s okay to laugh like you never laughed before, laugh at yourself, don’t take everything so seriously. Critique yourself, and you will worry not about your critics. Don’t be afraid to crack a joke, even if you are the only one laughing, at least one person’s heart grew lighter in that moment.



4 thoughts on “PEARL # 66: LAUGHTER

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    1. awwww thank you Miss Marie! You so sweet. Girl we need to catch up, hope you are rocking the world as I know you are, so proud of you. You still in Cameroon or back?

  1. Mama thank you for this.i really needed this.i am sure gonna laugh at myself crazily from now on.bless your heart.BTW i like ‘pearls’….my chinese name (Zhenzhu)means Pearls hahahha.

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