She stood there trembling, no words came to her mind

The cold had settled in her core, rose from her stomach

it’s icy fingers spread through her veins,  she stared in

the distance, as the message sank in, Daddy was gone!


She reached for the chair but couldn’t find it,

she fell to the ground, but didn’t notice it

The phone fell from her hand, as she cradled her

knees and started to weep. She called on her Father


At first it was a whisper, unintelligible words,

a cry, then a loud wail, FATHER! DADDY!

She cried so hard she ripped her heart, banged her

head, as memories of her fallen hero rushed in


Father was always there, she was his little girl

A girl learns to love from the love of a father

He gave her confidence she need not ever compromise

Now Daddy’s gone, and though she’s grown, she’s still a girl


With Daddy gone who will protect her,

it’s back to basics, to the fear, no one meets her standards

She wants to love, yearns to love, but her love is gone

She still thinks of him, wondering someday if he’ll come again


Daddy’s gone but know you’re still his Princess

So walk like royalty, stare like a Dame, live like a fairy

You’re still special, your love awaits you, new love is healing

Father beyond, never forgotten, always forgiven, lives on in your heart


After a close friend of mine read the poems I did on “Plight of The Fatherless”, she requested me do one for a child whose father passed away, her father, hence the inspiration behind “Father Beyond”. I dedicate this to all who have lost a Father


Fatherless daughter,

from a very young age you knew you were different.

Sirri had her Pa, Fri had her Dada, even Aaron had a Daddy.

But you, you starred in longing at the kindergarten gate,

hoping someday yours will show up, but he never came.

I watched you cry your heart out, wondering what was

wrong with you, why weren’t you chosen.  Then on graduation

day, your heart finally broke, never to be mended.


Fatherless Sister

Oh the pain it caused you that night, when Daddy packed his bags

You cried and promised you will do what it took for him to stay.

You lashed out at Mommy, said it was her fault! He looked at you

and without a word he walked out. You didn’t see his heart-break,

you didn’t see his world shatter, he had no words to tell you,

and so you died that night, never knowing he loves you.  You

went to school that day, closed your heart, turned into a bully.


Fatherless friend

Mother was a Lady of the Night, she lay with the Mexican,

the French man, the African, and then she had you.

You stuck out like a sore thumb, no one knows your race.

She thinks it was the Australian, but at this point who cares.

You’re now laying with the Mexican, the French man, the Africans,

wrecking marriages, and all that looking for Daddy!

You turned into a tramp, looking for the stamp, looking for your map


Fatherless daughter, sister, friend

Hold my hand, reach out for me. I’m your sister

You’re not alone, I understand you, I won’t judge you.

But you’ve got to stop the pains you cause yourself and

cause others. Daddy isn’t here, not because he doesn’t love you

for you didn’t hear him say that. He has his demons, has his story,

has his journey. You can’t ruin your life, looking for answers that he

doesn’t have. Now you have a husband, and a son, don’t make them

fatherless by your attitude. God is your Father, and He has all the answers



Fatherless son

You grew up never knowing your daddy

Momma told you tales of how he left you

when you were just a baby. But child,

if she was honest, she’ll say she never knew him.

Today you walk around with a space in your heart

that no one can fill, but the warmth of your daddy.

How can I tell you, that somehow you’ve got to quit

searching for him. He’s long gone, he was never there.

But you are here, you matter and now you’re a Daddy.


Fatherless Brother,

Daddy came and went, never stayed long enough

to tell you he loved you. Always picked a fight with mother,

said you were a mistake, or so you thought you heard.

You believe that cause it’s easier than not knowing what

he feels for you at all. You create stories to ease the pain

of seeing Tommy’s Dad at the ball game, but not yours.

So you joined the gang, hid your tears and turned to madness.

The streets got you, they stole your heart, now you’re in jail


Fatherless Friend,

Daddy was home, but never really home was he?

He left with another, had other children, never looked back

You swore you won’t be like him, and so you vowed you’ll never marry

But instead you turned to philandering, took their innocence, broke their hearts

laughed at their pain. They all bear the mark of the beast that is you.

You over-achieve, reach higher, forever climbing, but deep down inside

you don’t feel worthy, you’re just a baby, confused in your anguish

Someday you awake to the fact you caused more pain than him

Will it be too late to make amends for all the pain you caused then?


Fatherless son, brother, friend

God is your father, from Him you can take your direction

Daddy left you, Daddy not home, no worries you’re not lost

My Father made you, Daddy was the conduit, you still have a Father

Now you are a father, be who he should have been, rise up from your slumber

Forgive him and move on, you can’t rearrange the past, but today calls

your name, a new destiny, a new history for your bloodline

It takes a village, when forgiveness is done, open your heart

Life is calling, your destiny awaits for you to wake up



Soul connections don’t happen everyday

But when it does happen, it ushers in a world of beauty

There’s a synergy mere words can’t explain

A meeting of souls, a blending of hearts, a shift in the mind


In a world of pain, suffering, depression, loneliness and confusion

With my soul connections there is peace, love, a true fusion

A tapping into recesses long forgotten

An awakening of dead bones to glorious reason


Soul connections know you got their back, front, even their insides

They barge into our heart even when we try to shut them out

Their presence is truth, their words are just, with them we’re safe

They stand in the gaps, heal our wounds, listen without judgement


Soul connections know us deeper than we dare say

They see through us farther than the eyes permit

They dare us look away from our authentic selves

They challenge our fiber, demand our presence, call us to action


I love my soul connections deep, no need to explain it

When life dares crush you, i’ll kneel to carry you

I’ll hold your hand, cry with you, pray for you

I’ll fight your fight, cheer your success, share my bread


No room for mediocre love, mediocre friendships or connections

give me my soul-seeker, soul lover, soul sister, soul brother

‘Tis not the absence of a reason to cry

But the presence of a shoulder to cry on


My Soul Connections



“My love” he says, looking into her deep eyes

“There is something about the way you love me,

the only love I know that is mightier than yours,

is the love I feel and experience for you.


You see, from the time you were a teen

I knew in my soul you were imprinted in my destiny

I hoped and prayed you felt it too, but I didn’t

care, for one day I was going to show you


Like Adam who lost a rib so Eve could be

So did God save my rib so he could create you

So you see my darling, no matter where you go

or what you do, I could never stop loving you


My love for you is divine, it transcends earthly norms

I hold you in my arms as my treasure, to shine only for me

Now that you are mine, I’ll die before I disappoint you

Yet if I should hurt you, I’ll be reborn a thousand times to heal you


I love all your curves, your messy hair, and all your baggage

Your beauty first thing in the morning, akin to that of an angel

I will fight like a Spartan to earn and keep your love

I’ll defend your honor My Lady, i’m your man and your King


Allow me love you, like you were born for loving

Let me eat your pain, cover you with love’s protection

Let me sing your song and set your heart on fire

I want you to bloom my Queen, show you off in our kingdom


A flawed soul I am and yet, perfect love I have for you

A broken vessel I think I am, but you can fill my cracks

With you I am a King, it doesn’t matter what anyone says

With you I live for God, love like a god, reign like a King!






Let me eat your p



In her vulnerable glory, she says to him

“From the time I wake up, till the time I close my eyes

I think of just how much my love for you will shine

So the first thing I do, is pray for you


The imperfection of your being draws me like a magnet

My face lights up at the things you are great at

But my heart beats tripple time for the things you struggle with

My love is true, and it loves the flaws in the soul that is you


What care I for diamonds, pearls and gold,

When all the treasure I cherish shines in your eyes

I live to see your heart, where your wounds, and vulnerability hide

I want to run into your embrace, replace your thoughts with all of me


I love the me I see through your eyes, I am a Queen!

In your presence I see God, I see growth, I see life

The vast expanse of your arms, gives me perfect solace

From within I alight and fly the winds of life


My love is true, my being imperfect, a perfect match for imperfect you

When our love hurts, it’s like an inferno, scalding hot, dripping pain

But when love heals, it is Heavenly, it repairs and restores beyond all measure

We love like gods, dance like angels, and sleep like royalty


I want to hold you so tight, your burdens crumble beneath my warmth

I’ll kiss every tear, whisper enchantments and sing your song

Within my arms you’ll find a peace so sweet and gentle

You’ll want for naught for there’s no confusion, I am your future”




His right eye gone he starts to wonder

A wise decision or bleeding blunder

His head is aching, heart palpitating

His doubts arise, his pulse is racing


The voices start as he stumbles blindly

One voice says yes, the other says no!

One is chastising, the other baptizing

A new confusion, a new illusion, no resolution


But yet he knows now it’s too late

The eye is gone, the wound is closed

What now remains is perfect insight

But inside, what does insight see?


With new revelation comes a new torment

The disease had spread just like he feared

Evil is seeping through his anger

He reeks of hatred he wants more pain!


He pulls his hair, he bites his nails

His inner animal ready to take over

His blood-shod left eye pierces the darkness

He sweats his rage, panting in agony


Insight is worse for it sees all

Right eye was evil but it spared him the inside truth

As long as he looked out he didn’t have to reach in

To see the truth of who he really was


Insight is just and keeps the fight

For Jekyll and Hyde must have their fight

Good sees a chance and has its moment

A sliver of hope, but  will he survive?…




You have been tried and found guilty

Your vista though far-reaching

has cost me perfect vision

So I lay here contemplating my decision


Dear Right Eye

Like a disease you infected me

Like a cancer you spread like wild-fire

I burn at the thought of you

I’m consumed by the effect of you


Dear Right Eye

I’ve had enough of the things you see

For now I see things differently

I’ll rather go blind indeed

Than look another minute through your lenses


Dear Right Eye

The moment of truth I embrace

And so alas I must pluck you

from my socket I will uproot you

And watch my blood drain from your root


Dear Insight

I beg you come rescue me

From the darkness of the dungeon as I stumble

I feel the life draining as I bleed out my infection

I hold the walls like Samson awaits his Power


Insight comes with burning fury

Cauterizing the bleeding socket left vulnerable by his Right Eye

His soul awakes, his spirit calls, his strength is building

He starts to feel, he starts to heal he starts to SEE!



(Inspired by Tami Monono’s “FREE ME”)




Odyssey of Swinging Vicissitudes


Tales had been told and retold
that tis a land of plenty for the bold
of fast cars and towering skyscrapers
where even the dishwasher makes a million dollars

Like a golfer her sight she set on the green
and pipe dreams she began to spin
growing them like fragile mushrooms,
constructing sandy castles with empty rooms

Full of the familiar and stubbornly saturated,
of those mountains and monotony unabated,
a rightful longing of diversity brooded
boiling within her entrails undaunted.

Her expectation and stifled anticipation grew
and so envy from those to be left she drew
who like her nurture naïveté and convenience
But time’s that master who teaches in connivance with experience

Now uprooted far from the fertile
Like kraut unwanted from the pile.
The potent concoction of curiosity and anxiety
Set her in a trance-like perplexity

A perplexity that faded with dawning reality
in a place of pervading hostility.
A return not even remotely contemplated
For further apart the rift has now shifted

Where can this uprooted being anchor?
Why did she believe in tales void of candour?
The grail search enforced a redefinition of her essence
a quintessence of the loss of primordial existence.

She traces her steps back to a bolted door
and moving forward she is just a moor
Throwing its tentacles in all directions
In an attempt to halt the gyrations.

The mirror now a pile of broken glass
For her altering alien reflection an unbearable harass
A brutal coercive reminder of a double failure
a battering castigation for ignoring the cure.

Now an alien, she left her home again this time for Nowhere
She’s out of breath, she’s out for death, she’s out of time
There in that land she made her bed, lay in it but she was not there
She’ll die tonight, rise up Somewhere, there she’ll be fine

As the sun set that night
So did her heart set in fright.
The sadness in her soul was now a sickness
A disease so profound her life was in darkness

She tossed and turned and writhed in pain
A moan so raw you could feel her throat strain
The nightmares of life lived burnt her mind in her sleep
She died a thousand deaths there in its deep

Far from home far from her hope
She awakes in sweat-soaked bed to mope
Her tears spring forth like rain
Remembering when she was home and vain

Way back then she was a queen in a castle
Way out here she’s a penny with a hole in it
She lost her soul, she lost her name, she lost her marble
The quest and dream for more now has a hole in it

That day she woke in utter transformation
A purified change like from Saul to Paul she met
Lay down with nightmares of damnation
Now rising seeing visions like a Prophet

The song of her journey was rising again
The crescendo unfolds her redemption
She’s new again, different again, this time no pain
She’s still her queen, she’ll reign again, her heart her nation

Still a queen always will be just different castle
Far away from that land of her first birth
She stomps the past with her mortar and pestle
And blooms in this new haven in its berth



September 2013


Dear Mother on My Phone

I heard you talk to cousin Bern on my phone

while she enjoys all the juice you miss from home

I told you that was an international line

So I watched the time so that you don’t cross the line


I heard you ask of all your sisters and your brothers

I heard you ask of all your cousins with no bother

I watched the clock as I waited for another

I almost fell when I heard you even further


You shouted foul when you heard of all the murders

You groaned in worry when she mentioned leaking rafters

You swore in anger when you heard of market fires

You sighed in despair when she mentioned clothes in tatters


I watched the clock when I thought the call was over

Then she mentioned all the relatives gone yonder

I saw you weep at the professional mourner

I said oh well, there, my minutes are a goner


But when I heard you move on to ask more questions

I leaned in close worrying of my phone call minutes

I thought that surely there is no more cause for questions

Till I heard you ask of all the goats, cows and chickens!





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