Dear Mother on My Phone

I heard you talk to cousin Bern on my phone

while she enjoys all the juice you miss from home

I told you that was an international line

So I watched the time so that you don’t cross the line


I heard you ask of all your sisters and your brothers

I heard you ask of all your cousins with no bother

I watched the clock as I waited for another

I almost fell when I heard you even further


You shouted foul when you heard of all the murders

You groaned in worry when she mentioned leaking rafters

You swore in anger when you heard of market fires

You sighed in despair when she mentioned clothes in tatters


I watched the clock when I thought the call was over

Then she mentioned all the relatives gone yonder

I saw you weep at the professional mourner

I said oh well, there, my minutes are a goner


But when I heard you move on to ask more questions

I leaned in close worrying of my phone call minutes

I thought that surely there is no more cause for questions

Till I heard you ask of all the goats, cows and chickens!





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