Will you lie in your grave with your gold held up

With no one but your treasures to lift you up

And hope when you transition to that place way up

That somehow you can drag your treasures there up?


When your time is up

Will the earth bear your footprint

Or the heavens miss your imprint

On a world that will reminisce

Of an angel that has gone amiss


When your time is up

As you lie on your sick-bed

that’s if you get the chance to lay there

unless life surprises you with a quick death

Will you have had the chance to say a prayer


When your time is up

Will your soul get to know its peace

Will love have had its time to ease

Will family, friends and foe appease

Will death have warmed its breath at least


When your time is up

No gold or silver would ever measure

the measure of a man is not his treasure

To love and have this love returned is not a blunder

I’ll take that to the tomb without a bother


When your time is up….


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