2013-06-12 19.32.06


Conceived in love she made her apparition

Nine months in darkness then she found her destination

Her birth was long and fraught with perspiration

As with pain and cries she burst forth in jubilation


Nurtured in the deep of that African womb

Her soul reigned free under clear African moon

Organic in nature was her first food

Breast milk, first milk set the stage for her mood


O she danced as she grew and she clapped

O she sang as she moved and she laughed

They made a feast for her birth when it happened

They told a tale of a queen that was wakened


First decade full of fire full of life

Then the teens, sweet sixteen, naïve life

Then the twenties, wicked twenties, sweetest life

Third decade, learned the lessons healed that life


First a daughter, then a sister, then a friend

Now a wife, then a mother, not a fiend

Third decade and some change and no loose end

Still a queen, always will till the very end


Growing pains left her empty left her sobbing

Learning curves leave her healing and triumphing

Life of worry turned to glory life astounding

Birthday queen, God is real and keeps on watching!


On the occasion of my birthday September 2nd 2013

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