They sit and stare at the world each day

and each day they stare at Heaven to  pray

that someday their life may make hay

and they can be free from the fray


They imprint the pavements with bleeding feet

the painful clanging of the peddlers bowl for a penny

That haunting sounds from their throats speak their misery

as they beg and they weep for your honey


I see his sunken eyes in their sockets

the hollow cheekbones chiseled by his hunger

the cold night he survived froze his fingers

he looks at me, his lips are cracked, he seeks my heart


Her dirty face is partially covered with mud-matted hair

bowed back, limping hip she trudges the gutter

her only clothing a dress of sack with holes from ages

she goes through trash for left-overs, she has a baby!


The children beg, follow the cars, crying out in anguish

“We’re hungry, please help us, we’re starving”

We walk away, duck from their touch, we cross the road

We judge their pain, find them wanting, think they’re lazy


Plight of the homeless, think they are soulless, fight of the helpless

When can we look, think of their food, rise from our hood

You can not die, not while I lie, you are my life

Your voice is heard, here is my purse, here I’m your nurse


True life is giving, true love must wake up to life around us

He’ll die of hunger, she’ll freeze to death for no good reason

I’ll try my best, you try your best, let’s all do something

A smile at first, a loaf of bread, a coat for a start




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