Whether you believe it or not, forgiving is one of the greatest acts of self-love

When you forgive it is not a tangible thing that you mail or parcel and send

to your trespasser for them to open the gift and enjoy.  Forgiveness is a

gift you give yourself so your heart can open and your essence is released

into the universe to attract positive energy back into your life.


You can forgive someone without them ever knowing it, and still feel the

release and relieve as when you say it to them.  No one develops rashes

or loses a limb because you didn’t forgive them, but you can get physically

ill if you hold on to your anger, hurt, disdain for those you don’t forgive.

Give yourself a gift from today, examine thy heart, go into all its crevices

and find all those people, events and issues that you are holding on to.

If you find yourself there, forgive yourself, then proceed to forgive every

other person you find, & every situation that brought you down.  Let it

go. If you must weep, do. If there’s a garment you’re holding on to as a

reminder, burn it, if it’s a letter, email, delete and shred it.  If it’s a picture

or profile, quit revisiting it.  If you can and you have to move, relocate!


Now that you have made the choice to forgive and let go, you have

to spend each day managing that decision.  Do not fall for the call

to go back to that self prison. Enjoy your life dear child, dear mother,

dear sister, dear brother, dear friend. Let it go, let life in.  Evil does

not only reside in the hearts of those who trespass against us, it

also resides in us when we do nothing of our ungodly thoughts

towards our obstacles, for these thoughts have the potential to

grow into trespasses against others.


Let it go, Let life in. Remember these words:

I am well, I am great

I am blessed, I have power

I am healed, I shall live

I am set free, I will live high

I am worthy, I am love

I have forgiven, I am forgiven

I have peace, I bring peace







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