KINDNESS What does it mean to be kind? I am sure by now we have all received kindness in our life in some form or shape, and at some age, whether as children or adults. We know deep down what true kindness feels like, and we too have been kind. So, what stops us and... Continue Reading →


Today, it is all about making a healing connection. Are you trapped in a prison of your own making? In trying to protect yourself from the world's negative forces, you might end up locking yourself up from life. I know that, I did that for years, then I broke out, and it was a scary... Continue Reading →


The race is personal The prize is subjective The price is similar; effort/energy/sacrifice No matter what race or battle you are in, for everyone this is a personal struggle and fight. Some people are in a race, fighting for their life on a sick-bed, they just had a traumatizing diagnosis, they need to win, live.... Continue Reading →


Find the time to make a meaningful connection whenever life gives you the opportunity. There are many gifts the earth grants us on a daily basis, to open spiritual doors into a more peaceful existence. Being there for someone, is one of those gifts we give but in return we are the ones on the... Continue Reading →

Meditate on this

If you have difficulty asking yourself those questions for reflection, I am hoping you draw inspiration from these few pearls ¬†as aids to asking those pertinent questions. Some of them you will find you easily answer, and others suddenly might have you looking at the wall for a bit longer. No problem, that is a... Continue Reading →

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