Dear Diarydear

Friend. Friends. Who is a friend? How do you know when to call someone a friend

They say people meet at various places, you go from acquaintances, to friends

and sometimes a lot of things in between. But at the end of the day what makes a friend?

I think that actions and words speak loud when it comes to friendships, not just the

declaration of the name. When you call someone friend, or they call you a friend,

this comes with responsibility. For me, I think it means that when you say you will be there

be there. It means you care about what happens to your friend, you are loyal, listen

when needed, you drive all night if that’s what it takes to hold their hand, you cry with them

if that’s how you feel, you get the liquor if something stronger is needed, you laugh, tease

you call a taxi if they had too much to drink, you pray with them if you can, you check in often.

If years pass and you don’t do that, you do it when the opportunity arises, and you don’t stop

But since life is  not perfect, true friends leave a mark of their friendship on each other,

a mark that no time passed can touch, no amount of silence can change. I told a friend a month ago,

that although it had been years since we bonded and talked like we used to when we were younger,

that there were some things in my life that if I felt the need, I would rather go dig her up

from whatever place she was in just to tell her, cause that’s just what the memory of a

true friend she was to me. You tell your friends that you love them, period.

When your friend is in trouble, you don’t stay quiet and wait, you run to their

side, call, text, skype, hit them in the head if you have to but then you sit down

and help them. Sometimes it is not the words & actions of our enemies that hurt

it is the silence and inaction of our friends that hurt the most.

So, to conclude my little article, I think that although it would be just

awesome to talk, text and chat with the people we love daily, hourly, even if this is not possible,

may distance and time not change the nature of the true friendship shared. Friendship I think is

like a credit report or score, the longer the history the better you are able to gauge and trust it.

I have heard it said that even if you don’t use your credit card any more for whatever reason,

don’t close out the account.  I wonder though, how do you know when it comes to poeple

when a friendship is gone? Or when one walks back in your life? How do you know

when it’s right?

What’s your friendship score? I must say honestly mine sucks, not as good. I have a lot of

work to do.  I guess I am better at giving my friendship and being there when you need me,

I just dont know how to recieve friendship. Is that bad, I wonder, hmmm, food for thought.

Im sure a lot of you too as adults might have run into this problem, the older you get,

the more you shed off poeple, but when do you know it is time to change that, or is it

the best way to be anyway?

6 thoughts on “Article on FRIENDSHIP

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  1. I like the valuable information you provide in your articles.

    I will bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently.
    I’m quite sure I will learn lots of new stuff right here!
    Best of luck for the next!

  2. A true friend will be there for you always, whether it rains or it shines. Good friends don’t say they’re good, but show their affections in everything they do.
    Thanks for being my friend too!!!!!

  3. Mah, you said it all. Are there any true friends left out there if i may ask? We attach ourselves to others most often if not all the time because we believe there is something to profit out of the relationship. We despise even those we grew up with or experienced difficult times together and go for those who have succeeded in life because all of a sudden, we dont want to be identified with failures even if in most cases are not usually the fault of these old friends. We dont mention their names when telling a friend about the party we attended last night but go for those we think matter. Who then do you call a friend?Hmmm, quite a question with no easy answers even if we think it is. My dad told me to consider those who understand your weaknesses in life and accept them for who you are to be considered a friend .I am not sure if i buy this completely even if it carries some truth in it but then how many times have our own ”friends” used information they know about us to our own detriment? Am not sure i have an answer to to this Mah, but i will continue to reflect on it as i watch this space.,

    1. the forever unanswered questions my dear Raymond seem to have to do with human beings isnt it. I think as long as we are changing beings, our friendships are bound to change over time. The question is when we do find true loyal friends, how do we know when things change, and if they change, do we fix it, is the friendship forever broken, or do we move on to a new dynamic? In the end, we must try to be the best we can be to others, and if they by our actions call us friend, then that is amazing. In return if by the actions of others to us, we deem them as friends, then we are blessed to have them in our lives.

  4. “Sometimes it is not the words & actions of our enemies that hurt

    it is the silence and inaction of our friends that hurt the most.” Very true indeed Mama.

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