They say every cloud has a silver lining.

I am a lover of life, love, living and most of all hope

We all start hearing about silver linings as young kids

Then we start using the term silver lining in every cloud

It becomes part of our vocabulary especially when life happens

and we find ourselves comforting someone, or giving ourselves a pep talk

I have experienced a lot of silver linings, too many to number

Silver linings could be lessons learned, obstacles avoided, better opportunities

and most of all, people, usually people provide these silver linings.

These have happened because of the quality people not quantity

that have graced my life these past 3 decades and change

If you dare to look, you too will see your silver linings

to every cloud you encounter. Don’t forget your silver linings

Even better, be a silver lining to someone else


Mah N Mekolle


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