Of all the things I could have slowed down doing, working out became a victim, and i’m not surprised nor impressed

Three weeks ago, I started working out 5 days a week, so proud of myself, it was on!

The next week, 4 days a week, still great, above required weekly workout rate

This week, hm, what happened, Sunday came and passed, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…..

of course I have a good reason, no need to go into, but good reason. However, it doesn’t change the fact that

when “good reasons” happened, workout was the first in line to get short-changed

Today, thanks to my hubby’s gentle reminder, I did a whole hour of Billy Blank’s boot camp.

As I did it, I almost cried with joy, the familiar feeling of pure energy, joy & sense of accomplishment I get

whenever I work out. I wondered, how come I missed 4 days already, how come I didn’t remember this

feeling to nudge me to workout all those days I missed. Anyway, we are back on track, not perfect, still work in progress

So, for me, exercising is that thing that I need to push myself daily to do. What is your thorn in your flesh, or challenge?


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