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Have you wondered if a Life or Spiritual Coach is something you might need. The idea of having a personal coach might seem foreign to some of us, and yet in this day and age, most people cannot deny that they are where they are by some form of coaching. We have sports coaches and personal trainers to help us reach fitness goals or Olympic goals, financial coaches to help us get out of debt or coach us towards building a secure financial life for ourselves and our families, business coaches to help us start business, Pastors and Priests who coach us spiritually.

When it comes to money, church, business, we have no problem acknowledging that we need help, someone else’s input, a leg up, not because we are dunces but because we realize to go further, it is important to seek an unbiased and knowledgeable input. However when it comes to our lives as a whole, how we feel, who we are inside, how we relate to the world, how we manage the life we live with all its stresses, somehow we don’t make the connection that we might need a life coach? Or, it is just not a familiar term in some societies.

As a Spiritual and Life Coach, I will endeavor to simplify my coaching style or define it simply, bearing in mind that there are more layers to it than the summary. I am the one whom you will trust with your vulnerabilities, fears, dreams and aspirations in the hopes that whatever it is that you are finding a challenge in managing in your life, I may help you figure it out. I will not give you all the answers, but I will coach you to figure out your life for yourself and come up with solutions that you can manage even without me there. I will equip you with problem-solving tools which I have learned over the years and studied, paired up with my natural intuition. I will be a partner in your journey towards discovery depending on what the challenge it is that you bring to me.

I will usher you and steer you in the right direction while you do YOUR WORK. Yes, like everything in life, you have to work for it. You want peace in your life, love, serenity, tranquility, resolution, finding your passion, starting new paths, you have to put in work, and work you will. I will challenge you when you need to be challenged, I will not cajole you into the same patterns that have served you to the spot you are in, I will empathize with you, I will be the unbiased ear to your problems

We carry around so many burdens, and no one to share it with. In the past the people we have shared our issues with have misused that information. Or, you shared it with your best friend and although you both can die for each other, somehow your best friend is just not gifted with the ability to listen to you or give you good advice. You want to seek new pastures in life, you are well accomplished otherwise, but something is missing, and you don’t want to tell dream-killers, I know about chasing dreams and passions, I will help you protect your dreams till you can fly.

What are you waiting for to try, call me for a free consult, check out my life coaching website


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