We have all been sick at one point in our lives, for most, you were cradled in the loving arms of relatives and loved ones as you lay in bed in the hospital. From the time we were children, the infirmity of the body called for nursing which was later on turned into a career path.

In every hospital there is a stranger called NURSE who cares for you in the absence of the loving arms of your loved ones, who gives you pain medication, who advocates for you and communicates your condition to the doctor and other staff members.

Somewhere out there is a stranger, who sees you with nothing on, who bathes you, who changed your soiled depends when you could not use the bathroom yourself, one who fed you and covered you. I crushed your food and medications so you could swallow, I monitored your vital signs, and when you coded, I performed CPR so you won’t die. I did all this with a smile in my heart and on my face, because you depended on me, even when you were not conscious. I went to work with my hair wrapped up and got ready to take care of another group of strangers, and by the time I was done, they were my family, I am your family. Every time you called out for your NURSE, I showed up ready to take care of you like your family! I love my nurses, I love my job healing the sick.

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