Be your own best Valentine

I have chosen for this Valentine’s month to call her my funny valentine, but her words resonate with pure truth, love yourself, you are love, you have love, and the purest of love need not be confined to that of romantic love, for it lives and is true for the one who feels genuinely for us and us for them. Enjoy the thoughts of my soul sister, Viola

Letters to Cameroon

I have been single for most of my adult life. I am comfortable with solitude. I keep myself company quite frequently and I do so very well. I do not feel lonely when I am alone, and solitude does not feel like loneliness to me. I miss the people I love when I am not around them, but I appreciate my alone-time. Very much so. Still, Valentine’s Day can be an annoying reminder that I don’t get to call someone “my sweetheart” and I don’t get to celebrate romantic love. Thankfully, I have learned over the years that love is something I definitely have in my life, and above all, love is something I definitely feel for myself. Valentine’s Day has now become for me a day of celebrating all the wonderful forms that love can take. Most especially, it’s a day of reinvesting in myself the wealth of love…

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