As the sun rises so ever faithfully every morning
it pays no attention to just how dark the night might have been
it snobs the fog that sometimes precedes its brightness,
the night can not cast a shadow on the Sun’s obvious glory
The sun rises majestically, daring the night to persist
And so I say to you, you too shall rise
Like the king and queen that you are,
You too shall rise
Your majesty will stomp out the darkness that surrounds you
Like the sun, you were born to shine
So shine my beloved, shine, rise, and shine


4 thoughts on “YOU TOO SHALL RISE

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  1. My darling Mah, I couldn’t agree with you more. The best part about rising and shining each day is the obvious expectation that I will soar too. Like the sun, and because of this lovely reminder, I will shine brighter.

    1. awww my darling Hubby, to wake up and see this beautiful comment, thank you indeed. When we do work, it means the most when the people closest to us say it means something, i’m blessed to have you rise and shine like the Sun, we will shine together.

    1. Mia Mia Mia ma sister from another land, you remember all those long phone calls, our talks, the tears, yes, it is for poems like this one that I wrote it. Thank you for supporting my efforts by visiting. Again, this is just the beginning, with your help and feedback we will make it better

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