The time passeth, he cometh not…
I wish I knew what he was thinking right now
why isn’t he here with me, he promised he’d come
O the anguish I feel in my heart, he should be here by now.

Did he lie to me, was I a mistake
Could it be these were my fantasies alone
O where is he, I know he’ll be here
He must come, he said he’ll come

He knows my heart, I gave it to him
I remember his words clearly,
He said he loved me
So I’ll wait patiently for my true love to come
He’s far away in another city, but I know he’ll make his way to me
he must!, i’m counting on it

Tic-tok, Tic-tok oh the time passeth, he cometh not
Should I wait, did he lie, am I a fool,
Surely he’s coming!


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    1. hey, what is the authenticity and our appreciation of our life today without a dip in memory lane to remind us why we are blessed to be with who, and around who today huh? Thanks for reading again!

  1. “He knows my heart, I gave it to him” narrates in few words, the dilemma of long distance relationships. It reveals the genuineness of the woman’s love, but this love in my view, is vein as she hopes on nothing. It is difficult nowadays for couples to live together given the current economic climate. Why the man has gone is unknown. Tic-tic tok, “the time passeth” indeed!

    Kudos Mah! Keep them coming..

    Del GN

    1. yes yes yes My Dear Del, I love your appreciation of my poetry, indeed I like how you caught the fact that the love she expresses here is almost selfish and vain and bordering on the destructive, but you can see her hope is almost desperate as the time passes and he cometh not. You dont know if to relate with her or to be sorry for her, but havent we all been in similar situations, even if not waiting for a partner. I was inspired by all those relationship scenarios as you mentioned, long distance, sometimes people waiting for their partners from abroad, having communicated only by phone or internet, I think of people with partners in war, not knowing if they are dead, holding on to the promise that he promised to come back home, so many situations fit this. THank you dear

  2. sometimes it is alright to be caught in the clouds of our own delusion, manufactured in the figment of our own very imaginations, even if only for a moment… whether this wait is real or contrived, reality inevitably kicks in… it is not a vain hope, there is a stubborn hope in it… good job.

    1. You got it, I like what you said, “…it is not a vain hope, it is a stubborn hope”. That is what I was trying to capture with the emphatic nature of the wanting to wait. Thanks for visiting my dear!

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