I wonder what ever happened to friendship. As a child I had so many friends. We shared our lunch, played in the rain, talked about boys, pinky swears on everything, bared our souls, idolized boy bands together. In my teens, I had friends on every street corner, or was it my definition of friendship that was too innocent to limit to just a few people. I believed in time I would boast even more friends, but no. Life as an adult is different, still know a lot of people but where are my friends. Is it my definition that has changed I wonder. We all seem guarded now, protective of ourselves, especially me. We talk to each other through a filter thicker than a clump of weeds, we don’t trust anymore, we are afraid, are adult hearts more fragile than children’s hearts I wonder, or is it the stakes that are just higher if you get it wrong. Birds in a cage looking out…..

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  1. As we grow up we become more aware of who we are, what we like, our fears and weaknesses and we tend to gravitate towards people who share our experiences, people we would like to emulate. We also (hopefully) are more aware of we want so we dont have time for B.S (excuse my french lol). I also believe that as a Christian, when you learn to listen to God, you learn to avoid “friends” with drama. Great topic!!

    1. Oh Dino you are just blessing me with your feedback, it is for insights like yours that I created this blog. I know what I ponder and wonder, but I so love to know what other people think about it, so that I too can learn and grow. THank you sooooo much for sharing, please continue. I totally agree with you, indeed for me personally, I started to realise that I seemed to draw more and more into myself, almost tantamount to a hermit because I would rather avoid all kinds of avoidable confrontations and unpleasant situations. Now I know one cannot hide under a rock. SO, what do we do to create a balance, be out there but still inside somehow?

  2. Really love this observation, I’m sure we all can say the same. Yes I think simply as children we are innocent and non-judgmental while as adults, just the reverse.I for one belong to the skeptics society which means I have lost all innocence.HAHAHAHHAHA, Life teaches us lessons as we grow and so we change and morph accordingly.

    1. oh well said big sis, hahaha, you and me both are probably sharing rent in the house of lost innocence! hahaha. You know I asked myself, isnt it the same number of people or even more than I am seeing daily as in childhood, what changed? I guess, we all? lol

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