Don’t Let it Drown You

water's edgeO dear Human, I see you by the water’s edge

the weight of the world incredible to bear, nothing seems right these days,

your feet play with the sand, you step in the water, very alluring to end your pain

As you wade in the water, your weights get heavier;

the job you didn’t get again, the promotion that passed you by again!

you failed your final exam again, you didn’t get accepted into the program again!

they denied the VISA again, your bank account in the red, no one knows!

Oh that man let you down again, that girl you trusted married another man!

Your business is failing, bankrupt, soon everyone will know it!

You have gone from city to city, yet your reputation catches up,

nobody wants you around, blacklisted! you pretend it doesn’t matter.

Now in the water, it all matters, but I say Don’t Let It Drown You!

Somewhere out there is a helping hand if only you reach out for it

You are too intricately made to go out like that, reach for my hand, reach for her

hand, reach for his hand, reach for their hands!  We’ve all been there, Reach!




2 thoughts on “Don’t Let it Drown You

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    1. that’s right, so many times the weight of our problems make us feel hopeless and forgotten, but just when you think you cant take it anymore, make sure your last breath of strength doesn’t die with you, use it to look for help

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